28 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Hi PrQ

    Any update on the stats on the Bryan Caplan bet on US vs EU unemployment figures? AFAIR the bet ended in 2018 which is closing in fast. Should be able to tell about now what the outcome will probably be. I am also very interested in a reflection on why things have gone the way they have given the vastly different policy responses across the two sides of the Atlantic, and other external contributions and issues.


  2. @tony lynch

    I think that is a brilliant article. If I fully rehearsed why I think it is brilliant I would simply end up unoriginally paraphrasing all of it.

    The finding of a common thread right through pre-capitalist mercantilism, early stage capitalism and into late stage capitalism is well supported by the historical evidence. The common thread is corporatism. The analysis lines up well with Piketty’s historical analysis of capital.

    I found the argument very powerful where it examined why neoliberalism is not a strategy (or a morality for that matter) for the personal realm, nor for the small business realm, nor for the state realm. It is as you point out, a strategy only for the corporate realm.

    I keep pointing out to people (who consequently probably find me tedious and objectionable) that the family is a s o c i a l i s t institution. The family, or rather any well functioning family, abides by the practices of “from each according to his/her ability and to each according to his/her need”. Anyone who has brought up children should not fail to see that this is the central principle of the family and a principle which ought to be extended to the community (the larger family). Equally, I point out that all in-the-family businesses which approximate the same principle “from each according to his/her ability and to each according to his/her need” are in fact workers’ cooperatives. These institutions (family and family business), were first appropriated by political conservatism and then attached to neoliberalism like as something vestigial. Family and small business are held up still as neocon shibboleths, despite owing their real value to the fact that they are s o c i a l i s t and cooperative in nature and NOT in any way capitalist or corporatist.

  3. Thanks again Ikonoclast.

    One thing we have to remember is, as you say, where we come from, and that, for most of us, is from family. Neoliberalism crushes families or tears them apart, even as it often means they must live under the same roof. That it does this ought to be enough to put it in its place. I wonder if it will be.

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