The Smart State saves Queensland

I’ll be talking tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Queensland Jobs Growth Summit organized by the University of Queensland School of Economics and The Australia Institute.

The core point of my presentation is that the resilience of the Queensland economy, despite the end of the coal boom reflects the transition to a knowledge based economy, symbolized by the Beattie government’s “Smart State” strategy and the opposite of the nostalgic and reactionary Four Pillars (agriculture, mining, construction and tourism) strategy pushed by the LNP.

31 thoughts on “The Smart State saves Queensland

  1. @Ikonoclast

    You may be surprised and even pleased, that in Victoria, that exemplar of fiscal rectitude, Jeff Kennett, who flogged off Victoria’s State Electricity Commission when he was Premier, has just called on the Andrews (Labor) government to go into as much debt as it takes (upwards of $100billion) to provide a London style underground rail system for Melbourne.

    Oh such fun. It takes me back to the high debt era of Henry Bolte which was the last time any serious infrastructure work was undertaken in this state (other than the desalination plant, of course).

  2. @BilB
    Apparently I specialize in being ahead of my time, and then being denied the means to do any good with that knowledge.

  3. Perhaps this is your opportunity, Mitchell (as one ahead of his time which should give you and edge), to become self employed and an entrepreneur.

  4. @BilB
    I don’t know… I wrote to the Palaszczuk government a year ago, when it was new to office, saying I’m a Queenslander, I have many neglected talents, I want to contribute rather than brain-drain away to California, and I specifically mentioned job creation, new technology, and A.I. There was no reply for two months, and then the reply that came was so late and so anodyne that I just said the hell with this, obviously there’s no opening for me here. And here we are a year later, and it’s a new era of A.I. since AlphaGo won its match in Korea, and here in Queensland we just had a job growth summit and an innovation summit in the same week.

    Or, another example, I probably know more about string theory than anyone else in the state of Queensland. And for years I have discussed the challenge of superhuman intelligence, and I have long-standing ties to the community of research in North America which wants to design “friendly A.I.” And then a few months ago I had to endure the spectacle of the State Museum bringing in Brian Greene’s heavily promoted roadshow (the “World Science Festival”), with panel discussions on quantum gravity and superhuman A.I. I felt like even Queensland science had been colonized.

    And that’s just from 2016… I must be doing *something* wrong, because I live in a society which finds thousands and millions and billions of dollars to spend on various agendas and entertainments, and meanwhile I struggle to find work as a tutor via Gumtree.

  5. Mitchell,
    The best thing you can do is to run away from this groupthink leftist blog. All they can advise you to do is get a taxpayer funded job or (magically) become an entrepreneur, using a taxpayer funded grant of course! Don’t delude yourself you’re “ahead of your time” either. That’s just self pity and victimhood. Hallmarks of the leftist psyche.

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