2 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The funding for the new airport, in western Sydney, seems to be problematic. To suggest that one runway and one terminal will only cost $5 billion seems very optimistic. Then there is the $38 billion in added infrastructure costs, that no one seems to want to cover. So are we going to have a cheap and nasty airport that strands people outside Penrith? Will some joint venture equity firm take over the airport and charge top dollar for bottom service? Is this another example of PPF disasters that litter Sydney? The privatisation soapy continues.

  2. Australia’s economic and social trajectory has been downwards all the way since the fetish for privatisation of everything and the fetish for austerity took over. This process has done enormous damage to Australia and its people. I just wonder how bad the damage has to get before people seriously rebel at the ballot box. The two major neoliberal blocs, LNP and Labor have to be destroyed at the ballot box. It’s the only way. Until we wise up to this it will just be more of the same in a downward spiral into an endless great depression like Greece. Chinese money can prop us up for a while. But this is not a basis for a healthy, diverse economy.

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