Weekend reflections

After a long break, it’s time for another weekend reflections, which makes space for longer than usual comments on any topic. Side discussions to sandpits, please. Absolutely no personal criticism of other commenters.

One thought on “Weekend reflections

  1. Two incidents involving brown-skinned men of foreign heritage with mental health issues, a history of trouble with the authorities (particularly the police) and overt religious convictions. Both incidents result in the deaths of innocent people.

    In Sydney (3 dead, 2 of them killed by the police), this is immediately called ‘terrorism’ – even before anyone is killed – and gets full scale media coverage as such for days, weeks and even longer. It gets several inquiries devoted to it.

    In Melbourne (scores seriously injured and 5 dead so far, all as a result of the actions of the perpetrator alone), this is immediately declared NOT ‘terrorism’ and is barely ‘front-page’ news or ‘top of the bulletin’ in the MSM within the first 24 hours.

    It seems that the key point of difference in the two events (and therefore how they are presented by the MSM and the establishment) boils down to the religion of each of the criminals.

    I suggest that the ‘War on Terror’ is demonstrably, in fact, a ‘War on Islam’. This is just one example, but a very stark one.

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