6 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Thanks again John and poselequest – Her remarkable lack of compassion for those Muslims and others who are fleeing countries whose infrastructure and citizenry we have criminally demolished directly or indirectly. YET she at one point felt the need to help the most heinous child rapist and killer Australia has known. I see some kind of degree of incongruity there. Bearing in mind her political power now is it just plain political opportunism or stupidity that needs to be examined here? Hence my comment.

  2. pauline Jekyll (i’ve misspelled it?)

    and pauline Hyde.

    everything in the previous is not wrong.

    then there is

    fin,page 9, Friday 17,2017.

    pushed for and obtained a royal commission into the banks.

    that’s the gist among sundry faff and normal weirdness.

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