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  1. The AFP has been politicised by the LNP. Contrast the 2 cases of the NBN raids and the Slipper persecution. The NBN case was staged and the exploited by the media for maximum pre-election benefit being very reminiscent of the staged and illegal VicPol arrest of Craig Thomson just as Abbott was about to commence his Press Club appearance. Murdoch’s Lewis was chair then. The evidence of Slipper’s diary being unlawfully dealt with and released by Ashby at the behest of Lewis again, Brough, Pyne, Roy and others is there ! Until there is a proper enquiry if not RC into this the public confidence in the AFP and the DPP is and should be lacking. Remember Clownshoe’s proud announcement his bedding down with the AFP in Canberra after the 2013 election.
    Qld. senator MacDonald in a typically loaded question at a Senate Committee asked AFP Commissioner Colvin if there would probably be a penalty of a bond upon any conviction. Wrong Ian see Casilli v Wehrmann [2014] WASC where jail was imposed for a similar though less serious offending. He professes legal qualifications !
    PS Slipper was acquitted of all charges.

  2. Apologies to Craig Thomson,
    He was acquitted of all bar $5,000[that is dubious too] worth of offending after the initial and much publicised toying with $500,000 by the LNP and Murdoch [Abbott, Pyne, Brandis, Fierravanti-Wells etc.]

  3. The AFP has been politicised by the LNP.

    I really don’t think so. I think it was always like that: I mean, first pass: who joins the AFP rather than a state police force, where’s the appeal? State police stop murders and help old ladies, the feds… what do they do?

    Police work appeals to certain sorts of people. Some of them are terrible people. I think the nature of the AFP’s work would mean that its applicant pool is going to have even higher levels of terrible people than the state polices’ do. At best the LNP would have made things worse, but the underlying problem was always there.

    [the federal government doesn’t have general police powers and does not need a general police agency.]

  4. The Brisbane Lord Mayor deserves condemnation in the strongest possible terms. He has kept non-emergency, non-essential Brisbane City Council workers at their places of work longer than necessary during a flood crisis thereby endangering them when they are finally permitted to go home. For example, library workers are (at time of writing 1:45 pm) )being kept at the libraries as the flood crisis worsens. Unless a library is doubling as an evacuation or recovery center or as a necessary public communication node there can be no justification for keeping any library staff at their place of work. This idiot act by Quirk could cost lives. Because library staff are mostly females they are treated like dirt by the BCC. It’s a disgrace. This is not the only example of their poor treatment. Most are kept on part time hours thus with pay that would never permit a wage to survive on as a single person. It’s time to stop treating women in the BCC like this. It’s a sexist disgrace.

  5. John thank you again for the opportunity to voice issues of concern.
    No doubt your would be aware of the debacle by the Australian’s journo. [what’s his name? not Caroline Overrington] asking Sally McManus a “gotcha” question yesterday at her Press Club event.
    Gotcha yourself Murdoch journo.! The idiot did not even have the mental dexterity to immediately apologise to at least attempt to not tarnish his esteemed employer the serial hacker of a dead schoolgirl’s message bank.
    I learned in Court when you made an error like that [embarrassingly damaging] the smart thing is always appear to be in control employ humour and apologise as at least it does not immediately impugn your next submission.
    Media Watch will have something to say on the 3/4/17 if Michelle does not get a say.
    When you tie in Murdoch’s Lewis’ severely improper intervention in the Slipper/Thomson matters here is more evidence of the pattern.
    PS I imagine union membership has been exploding after Sally’s appearance especially journos.

  6. I never meant that all AFP officers are politicised as no doubt all are not. I meant the AFP organisational interrelationship with the executive especially with Brandis.
    I saw the Qld. Police daily in Court pre-1993 when confessions could be given verbally without taping as now is mandatory [though under attack especially per “conservative” judges] This is another story demanding much more space than I would occupy here.
    I think it is reasonable to agree with Tony Fitzgerald that the Qld. Police Department was politicised and corrupted by Joh BJP at the senior level pre-1991 as evidenced by the Commissioner being binned himself for the maximum time !
    The Qld. Police service was politicised then! I have my opinion about the current police hierarchy but am aware most officers working locally in Qld. are honest.

  7. JQ I note that this morning Geraldine Doogue acknowledged that her laugh at your statement in the interview on 18th March about what one comment on the RN webpage called “standard behaviour under neoliberal ideology… that a politician privatizing public assets (makes for) a good career” had been critiqued strenuously by listeners and that she should have realised that at the time.

    This belated and grudging acknowledgement she made about her inappropriate response is another indication as if any more were needed of how biased toward neo-liberal thinking most of the social and political interviewers on RN are.

    Doogue made no apology nor was there any attempt to examine her ignorant and biased understanding of what has been happening for so long under neo-liberalism.

    The patronising sigh after was just as indicative of how steeped in the neo-liberal ideology she is and how dismissive of those who are critiquing it.


  8. I think the ABC have been battered by politicians who appear to want reduce the investigative powers of the national broadcaster while placating the private media, who struggle to remain competitive. Abbott’s electoral promise to not touch the ABC and SBS was quickly broken and Turnbulls claim that an efficiency dividend was reasonable came as a kick in the guts to those who thought that he was the ABCs friend. The ABC seems to have few allies and the emasculation continues unchecked.

  9. I am watching the Press Club Lunch today and note Stevie Lewis is the chair being all pompous and overtly affectionate to the business spokesmen. It is sickening to think if the AFP had done their job on the matter of Ashby taking Slipper’s diaries properly in a timely fashion, Lewis/Brough/Pyne/Roy/Pyne etc. could be in the “bin” and Lewis would be unable to preside in his apparent prevalence.
    This not over yet Stevie and Rupert as 4 Corners evidenced on Monday night !

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