Weekly email #2

Here’s the second of my planned weekly emails. If you want to be on the recipient list email me at j.quiggin@uq.edu.au (preferred) or put in a request in the comments section.

Weekly Email #2
Hi everyone,

Time for my second weekly email update. As before I’ll post it on my blog and link from social media, so people can sign up (best to email me on j.quiggin@uq.edu.au ) and also alert me if anyone who has asked to be included hasn’t got the email.

I’ve been thinking a fair bit Adani’s proposed mine in the Galilee Basin. The economics of the project look almost as bad as the environmental effects, but it seems to be going ahead regardless, unless it’s an elaborate ploy to save Adani from writing off the money already invested in the project.

The big problem is the huge political appeal of the promised) jobs and royalty revenue. It’s easy enough to point out that these promises are spurious, but what’s really needed is an alternative. I’ve made a start in this piece, published last week in the Fairfax papers
but a more comprehensive analysis is needed. Suggestions are welcome.

Last week, I took part in a very interesting panel on Universal Basic Income, at Politics in the Pub, held at the Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Centre. There’s no video or transcript, AFAICT, but I’m hoping to write more about this.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be debating John Rivett on the subject of Easytax. Rivett is a lawyer who works with John McRobert, the main proponent of the tax (three Johns have got a bit confusing at times). Details are here
I’d have preferred a free event, but I left it to the proponents to organise, so I can’t complain I guess. I’ve attached my presentation, which gives a fair idea of what I’m going to say, and I believe a video of the event will be made available.

Hopefully, as a regular feature. I’m going to link to campaigns I think are worthwhile. Here’s one for fast food workers in Germany


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8 thoughts on “Weekly email #2

  1. Regarding alternative methods of creating jobs: “a more comprehensive analysis is needed. Suggestions are welcome.”

    It really does seem that there is no coherent mainstream strategy for where public money should be invested in order to maximise the creation of sustainable employment. It really does seem that the Queensland Government’s only reason for backing Adani is creation of jobs in the regional towns affected. It really does seem that the federal Coalition has no theory for creating new sunrise industries other than handouts to business, all while they hollow out TAFE and withdraw funding for the capacity building programs for stranded youth.

    I agree Prof John, a comprehensive analysis of the preconditions for sustainable employment is required. I wouldn’t have thought it was all that hard. One could follow the benefit-cost ratios of various projects/programs – the studies available are patchy, but they could form a start. Then one needs to factor in emerging challenges such as climate change, peak oil and public/private debt. Then one looks at the scientific evidence of the preconditions for a healthy, well-balanced, job-ready, young job candidate and one would nourish programs that supply those preconditions. Then one could factor in the effects of free trade and free foreign investment, and identify the types of enterprise that are resistant to siphoning off shore.

    I delivered a conference paper on the subject a few years ago, but it was fairly lightweight. I intend to write something fresh on this when I get a couple of current projects out of the way.

    In the meantime, can I turn the question back to you and ask whether there are any quality books or scholarly articles that deal with this question? Most of the mainstream economics literature is stuck in a GDP mode. I have found a page on the subject in “That Used to Be Us” by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. I usually regard Friedman as a bag of wind but in this work he does identify five pillars which are all public goods.

  2. Wanted to comment on the drones post, but the comments were closed. One major disadvantage with conventional aircraft in a world of finite oil, is that the fuel they need is not easily synthesized. The length of the carbon chain in aircraft fuel is not easy to make and can only be conveniently extracted from oil. (I know this from discussions when I taught English in an oil company, and I also have a degree in chemistry and understand the basic science behind this.) Therefore, I would expect our current era of cheap flights and conventional aviation to end if peak oil comes about.

  3. @c_heale
    Geological peak oil is probably upon us now, c_heale. It is hard to nail down the date partly because the data are unreliable, partly because of fluidity in the definition of “oil’ and partly in any case because peak will only be seen as peak in retrospect. Global production of conventional oil is bumping along a plateau and the limits on supply are masked by the production of unconventional shale oil from the US.

    The fact that imminent geological scarcity is not reflected in market prices partly confirms the mainstream economistic view that there is plenty of oil around to be purchased – supply and demand is operating. However, an alternative explanation is that the present phenomenon simply confirms that market prices are disconnected from biophysical supply. The alternative explanation is given support by pondering whether markets can ever signal scarcity by an orderly ramping up of prices. As price rises, suppliers scramble to push their resource assets harder, setting up the conditions for a rapid collapse.

    We have been insulated in the past by the availability of alternative fuels – wood replaced by coal, coal by oil, oil by…. Now, there is no alternative fuel in sight as convenient for internal combustions engines as petroleum; and alternative fuels such as electricity require our entire economy to be re-engineered.

    Even the most optimistic economists have admitted that oil production will peak at some stage, most by 2040. That is less than 25 years hence, which is too short to re-engineer the economy for a different form.

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