29 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Smith @21, I’ve thought about the matter some more in the last couple of days. I think that there is a psychological dynamic at work with climate change denial that inevitably leads to the sort of perspective that Newman has presented. If you have decided, for reasons of partisan animus, that you are going to disbelieve something because people you dislike and disapprove of believe it, but you then find that all of the key agencies from which we derive our knowledge of the external world continue to provide confirmation of that belief, eventually you can only shield yourself from a nasty case of cognitive dissonance by constructing a vast conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory which, if you’re an ageing conservative white male like Newman, you can also invoke to explain (or explain away) all the other things that you think are going wrong with the world.

  2. Hows this for an over-reaction

    “hundreds of people were evacuated from Grand Central (a shopping mall in Toowoomba) about 5.40am yesterday following reports two men of “Middle Eastern appearance” were seen walking into the centre carrying knives.

    “Surrounding streets were closed and the centre locked down as they searched for the two “suspect males” who were located among the evacuated crowd outside the centre.

    The “suspect males of Middle Eastern appearance” were in fact cleaners who are Toowoomba residents in Australia with valid work visas and employed by a business within the Grand Central shopping centre and the “knives” were paint scrapers and box cutters.

    The person who saw knives has some sort of disability created by the Islamaphobics who are so unable to


  3. It is fashionable among neocons to talk of the costs of regulation and compliance measures. What they do not talk about are the costs of deregulation and lack of compliance measures. But of course this is consistent. The former costs are to them in money and the latter costs are to ordinary people in life and limb. Neocon money matters more to them than people’s lives. Such are neocon values.

    We can’t afford this, we can’t afford that, but the neocons can always find billions to spend on unnecessary, immoral wars. It’s a twisted sense of values. Unfortunately, there is no justice on earth and no supreme being in the sky to do anything about it. It’s up to us, the ordinary people. As my old man used to say, “Society is like a pond, the scum rises to the top.” He was referring to politicians. We need to develop a form of governance without professional politicians.

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