Weekly email #5

Here’s my latest weekly email. If you’d like to be added to the list, email me at johnquiggin1 at mac dot com

I’ve been flat out for the last couple of weeks, with the result that my weekly email has slipped from Monday to Friday. But before I forget everything I’ve been doing, I’m going to get it out. In addition to various bits of uni administration, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at alternatives to the Adani mine-rail-port proposal. There should be some output from all this fairly soon, I hope.

For the moment, here’s my theory of why Adani is pushing ahead with this obviously doomed idea. If they can start their rail line using our money rather than their own, they can put off for a couple of years the need to write off the nearly $2 billion they’ve sunk into the Carmichael mine. At the end, they will have bought some time and we will have bought a half-built railway to nowhere


Apart from Adani, I put out a piece in The Guardian on asset recycling, a bad Australian idea that is being picked up by the Trump Administration


and another in Inside Story looking at the OECD backing away from financialised globalisation.


Also, an article I wrote with Henry Farrell about the brief revival of Keynesianism in the aftermath of the GFC has finally made it into print in International Studies Quarterly.

Here’s a list of recent tweets.

3 thoughts on “Weekly email #5

  1. Here we are, back on the road to Quiggin Pier.

    Seriously, the Gonski 2-0 issue seems to have flared up, but it is pointless trying to get info from msm, even the Guardian and 730, that accurately depicts the exact nature of the differences between the various groups and political parties involved and it is probably true you would have to understand economics to understand the politics here and vice versa.

    Is it the Turnbull govt playing wedge or is there a genuine philosophical difference emerging between the Greens and Labor? What about various sectarian and secular interests?

    I’m not expecting a reply from a busy man, but hope you can offer a layperson some consolation as to a way out of what seems to have become a tangled mess.

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    Dies hat mir gefallen und ist äußerst wissenswert.

    Die Geistesblitzefinde ich begreiflich. Jene Gedanken sind mir
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