5 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Why does the ABC take such a hysterical approach to N Korea and Iran? It’s truly bizarre the hyperbolic reporting I see on these countries. The abc tv news tonight was full of breathless commentary about Darwin being within range of N Korea missiles. Then Stan Grant hosted 7:30 and made the mistake of having someone sensible on. Stan was in full-on “coming to get us in our beds” mode but the guest deflated him with actual knowledge of the subject. Embarrassing.

  2. Agree David to think we are being told of North Korea’s breaking UN resolutions. Looking at the US invasion of Iraq, the subsequent mass murders, clear breaches of specific Resolutions of the UN and the failure yet to criminally prosecute the perpetrators including our own Rodent who could blame the NK for preparing for a possible attack.

  3. Was anyone aware the Yandina bikies were acquitted of all charges in the Maroochydore Magistrates’ Court recently ?
    This was not published in either the local press [Murdoch] or TV per Broughie’s brother.
    When you remember the architect of the flawed laws is the local MP Bleijie, I feel his is both amazing and instructive re bias and should not be forgotten.

  4. @rog This is very interesting! The paper partly explains why President Trump spends a lot of time with the military. Also he keeps focussing on the returned service personnel from campaigns of the Bush/Obama era. As President Putin said, about his meeting with President Trump, the man comes across in person as a thoughtful, highly articulate individual. We all wear masks in public, politicians have many masks. President Trump seems to have one for the hated mass media, one for the loved social media, one for his military constituents, one for President Putin, one for
    Chancellor Merkel, one for Prime Minister Turnball and one for his family/friends. He is the consummate Twenty-First century politician!

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