4 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The creation of “super-councils” in Queensland by amalgamation has been a roaring success… or should I say a rorting success?! Council corruption is now being exposed in more than just Ipswich Council. Has the corruption increased or did small council corruption simply fly under the radar?

    And the “gig economy” is being exposed for what it is: the “dark satanic apps” or “When your boss is an algorithm”.


  2. Having seen 4 Corners last night no one could disagree – other than a developer or councillor who always decides “in the public interest” when approving development applications from a donor.
    It took me back to the Joh BJ years and approvals granted which were subsequently proved corrupt. A reading of the Fitzgerald on the CCC report is instructive. – read it before the LNP try again to gut the CCC as per the Newman regime. Congratulations Alan MacSporran QC and the CCC and their exposure of this corruption in “clear view ” to us all.
    The relevant offences under the Criminal Code seem to include Secret Commissions and Official Corruption. Like Norman Stanley Fletcher arrest is regarded as a risk of the profession of development in its destruction of the public amenity and the environment for personal profit.
    Stuart Robert LNP Fadden got no mention despite funding his staffers to run for the Gold Coast Council as Independents.

  3. The rise, short falls and rise again of crypto currencies fuels this corruption at all political levels. Simply put, the 14 million bitcoins (@ the current price of $4000 per) are popular on the dark web. Now there is a move to circumvent the financial controls of the ASX by using an alternative to block chains. The idea is to get the cost of trades down by using an unregulated digital system. This will allow promoters of, for example, unlisted property trusts to get access to investors at little or no cost. Most would know that property developers just love unlisted property trusts. This can be used as a breeding ground for political corruption on a grand scale. It will be interesting to see how APRA handles this new threat to financial transparency.
    Meanwhile in Silicon Valley, unregulated venture capitalists are undermining the US equity markets. A financial earthquake, if I can be forgiven for using that analogue at the moment, is coming to a financial market near you. As we saw after 9/11, such disasters are great opportunities for undetected corrupt practices. Whilst the world media is distracted by the farce in North Korea, or as I call it Cold War 2.1, the real danger lies deep inside our bloated equity markets. Look out the earth is about to move for you too, hold on to your wallet.

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