6 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Malcolm Turnbull has just announced that the NBN was a mistake and a waste of money and blames the ALP.

    Whether it’s energy, asylum seekers, submarines, climate change, wars or telecommunications this seems to be the sum total of LNP policy; it’s all the ALPs fault.

  2. He won’t now blame Labor for Barnaby though, Asbestos Julie has tried, when it’s all New Zealand’s fault.

  3. it’s all the ALPs fault.

    Five bucks says he wants to give the whole thing to Murdoch to “stem the losses from getting the government inappropriately involved in communications infrastructure”. Turns out that they didn’t notice s51 any more than they did s44.

  4. Some public goods are subjected to a cost benefit analysis (NBN, education, health) while others are not (submarines and other defences against terror).

  5. The Four Corners program on the ABC TV last night was very interesting on the comparison between access to ‘fiber to the home’ broadband in the NZ market and access to ‘fiber to the node’ broadband in Australia. The superiority of the former makes Australia look like the poorer cousin. Then a promoter for mobile phone broadband start up in Australia (for 2018), pointed out that when the 5G network is up and running, his company can do better than NBN at the middle priced level broadband download speeds. Only fiber to the home optics will beat what his firm will be able to offer.
    The point was made well by Kevin Rudd, on the 7.30 report on Monday 23rd October (just before the FOUR CORNERS expose of NBN), that if the government had followed the original business plan for NBN then Australia would have state of the art broadband infrastructure. Now, as Malcolm Turnball said, it is too late to save the current NBN business plan. Unlike Colin Street I don’t think Murdoch will touch the future NBN privatization with a ten foot pole. Why should he want to waste money on a dud? Any proper due diligence would scream “money black hole” to any potential bidder for the NBN Co as it now stands in terms of money benefits and money costs..

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