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31 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @D

    How can anyone make that argument, it’s either both or neither surely?

    If one did choose to make that argument, a fairly straightforward way to do it would be to point out that the Catalan independence referendum was illegal, as determined by the ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Court, whereas the Australian marriage equality survey was legal, as determined by the ruling of the High Court of Australia.
    But as others have pointed out, it’s an argument that no-one seems to be making.

  2. @D
    Another difficulty with your comparison is that the ABS has reported that, at last count, 77% of the electorate had returned results to the Australian marriage equality survey. So your scenario in which less than 50% of the electorate participate in the marriage equality survey is a fictitious one.

  3. @John Quiggin
    “I think the only person in Australia who will regard it as legit is Turnbull. ” But why do you think the high response rate doesn’t suggest legitimacy?

  4. No, the “less than 50% of the electorate” refers to those who voted in favour of each question.

    Going on the rough guide of previous polling (about 60% in favour), even with 77% of the electorate voting the “yes” vote is likely to be less than 50% of the whole.

    Same thing applied in Catalonia – majority of those who voted were “yes” but the total of “yes” was less than 50% of eligible voters.

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