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Hi all,

It’s been quite a while since my last email newsletter. A variety of things have kept me too busy to do more than keep up with essential obligations, but I’ve managed a little bit of free time, so here’s a summary of some of the things I’ve been doing.

As usual, I’d appreciate any compliments, brickbats, suggestions on things I should say more or less about and so on.  

Some recent activities

I met with staff of the Investigation into the Transport of Waste into Queensland to discuss my proposal for a voucher scheme.

Talked to ABC Radio Sunshine Coast about Adani following an article in The Guardian … Not long after this, Premier Palaszczuk reversed her previous support for the project.  Perhaps my article helped a bit in encouraging this outcome.

My blog post The laws of mathematics don’t apply to the LNP  arguing that the LNP’s election promises don’t up was covered by media including Radio 4BC network, Guardian Australia, Cairns Post, The Mercury,, equities.comYahoo! New Zealand, NZ, pg 1,2 in pdf.

An article on the risks of climate change appeared in the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and got some coverage in Cosmos magazine

I appeared in a UK podcast, Connected and Disaffected, talking about Zombie Economics

Soundcloud stream:



It can also be found on ITunes and other podcast directories.

General news

I’ve got a some events coming up, including a debate on climate change policy for the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences on 23 November, a talk at Emmanuel College UQ, on 24 November (Why do we still believe in Zombie Economics) and a report on the Economics Nobel Award for the Economic Society of Australia on 13 December.
Recent media

I’ve published articles in The Guardian, Crikey, Inside Story and The Conversation

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4 thoughts on “Email update

  1. The talk at Emmanuel College UQ sound like a great opportunity to explain to the media that the past does not define our economic future. Do you think a new era of trade protectionism is possible now Canada has abandoned the Transpacific Partnership?

  2. Would love to hear more of what you have to say. You may remember me, I’ m Sonia Bennett, old ‘folkie’ who ran the Western Suburbs Folk Muic Club in western Sydney. Would love to send you my song about the Wollemi Pine, have you got an email address.

  3. Good to hear from you. I heard you the other day and I thought I know that name. He is a’folkie’ from way back. Hope your still singing and playing. We can’t do much anymore with this virus. No singing. My little music club is closed. Started it mainly for seniors, its been a good place for everybody. I didn’t know you were such a great expert on economics, we need people like you now with your knowledge. Look forwrd to reading what you write and hearing you on the dear old ABC. We must stop these vandals trying to destroy our ABC. Will send you my Wollemi song and others. Sonia Bennett.

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