3 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. The suggestion that driverless trains and cars will fix Sydney’s traffic problems seem surreal. One transport expert thinks the new Metro train approach will work but only if the Metro is extended to Parramatta. The metro system seems to work in larger cities around the world. But timetabling problems beset Sydney’s train operations. The efficiency of a metro system seem debatable if there is no reduction in congestion on Sydney’s roads. But the debate goes on.

  2. Greg, not sure how self driving trains will help, but self driving cars can reduce traffic congestion in several ways, depending on whether or not roads are treated as a public good or not. A self driving taxi doesn’t need a driver so that frees up a seat. They can have automatic ride sharing so fewer seats go to waste. And they can drive closer together safely, reducing congestion. They could ignore speed limits and simply focus on maintaining what we regard as an acceptable level of safety and they woudn’t necessarily have to stop at intersections but could zipper through. Might need to get rid of most human driven cars before that one becomes practical though.

    But the most important way self driving cars reduce congestion is through using the same kind of technology that makes them possible to eliminate your job.

  3. Prof. Quiggin, I’d be interested in your opinion on the revival of the TPP. Like the country’s international credit rating and unconditional deficit reduction and perhaps job creation by the Adani mine, very few politicians seem willing to challenge the idea that it is an unalloyed benefit.

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