32 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Ernestine Gross

    Yes, that is exactly what will happen. At the aggregate level, when the government gets more tax revenue, it means some people are paying more tax. At the individual level, if you get a smaller tax refund, it means you are paying more tax. I didn’t say it was bad policy.

  2. Rog (at #22), government welfare is generally taxable. It has been so for many years, and in nearly every category. And superannuation is taxable if it comes from a non-contributory fund.

  3. @Collin Street



    Your mental model is too coarse; you do not distinguish between a tax payment by somebody and a welfare payment (ie a tax expenditure in JQ’s and others’ useful terminology). The distinction between a welfare payment and a tax incentive is also a delicate one.

  4. ‘The Princess Bride’. That guide does not say what you seem to think it says. It identifies the possibility of exempt income, and mentions some things. But it does not assert that all, or most, government income support is exempt. Neither does it assert that all, or most, support for students is exempt. That is because most income support, and most student support, is taxable and has been so for quite a few years.

    ‘Certain’ pensions, and ‘certain’ payments, is not an assertion of all – or of most.

  5. I guess, or maybe hope, that by the next election all the heat will have gone out of the argument allowing reason to prevail.

    Certainly the ALP have signalled that they will form a govt that are willing to make hard decisions for the greater good, which would make for a break from the govt-byinternal-polling over the last few decades.

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