29 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. JQ: “Shipping intensity is correlated with international trade rather than GDP.”

    Well, that makes things even easier.


    For a given growth in the quantity of export merchandise, shipping tonnage is tending to grow faster.

    Assuming we trust the reliability of the trade volume index, that indicates ‘materialisation’.

  2. Of course, I’m forgetting that many export goods travel by air, as well as trucks and rail within continents. So this doesn’t really prove anything without digging deeper to see if other modes of transport see similar results.

  3. @Collin Street

    Liberals contempt of Vic. Parliament by breaching an undertaking to parliament should be likened to misleading it and sanctions applied accordingly.

    Apparently Guy[the Mobster’s mate] has admitted his complicity in requesting it. Dope.

    All over the CFA dispute the Liberal keep fanning for political reasons promoted by the Murdoch media in Vic.
    I would prefer a professional to turn up to fight a fire in my suburban house. For the Liberals to undermine this process is reprehensible and hopefully result in their severe punishment at the Polls.
    This contempt should be seen in context of other Liberals from Victoria in Hunt, Tudge and Sukkar and their pathetic attempt to score political points in their blatant contempt of the Victorian Court of Appeal. Despite their belated apology and the bumbling representation of our Federal Solicitor General this Court spared them, unfortunately, a stint in the bin.

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