One thought on “Yet more on the generation game

  1. I agree, class differences are far better predictors of attitudes and propensities than age cohorts. I used to think there were some age cohort effects but I now agree they are very minor by comparison. This marks a change in my position. I used to put somewhat more store in generational theory albeit I followed and still follow class theory. Yum, yum, humble pie! đŸ˜‰

    Clearly, some zombie ideas can be killed in my mind. Also clearly, the process isn’t easy. The body of the age-cohort zombie in my mind, though decapitated, still jerks spasmodically. Psychologically, it’s interesting that refuted “priors” want to jump up and walk again. It seems to me that a refuted zombie idea in the individual mind has something like a half-life decay factor.

    Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to avoid having an opinion until one has gathered enough facts.

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