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As I mentioned a while ago, after years of having the blog managed for me by Jacques Chester (thanks again!) I’m now out on my own. I’m working through A reader has mentioned that the process of commenting has become burdensome, something I’ve noticed with the default WordPress setup. I’ve tried to fix this by removing the requirement for an email address.

I’d appreciate it if readers could comment on what happens when they try to post a comment. If you can’t comment at all, please email me at

19 thoughts on “User experience

  1. When I posted on he said/He said a login was required, but I simply used a password that I have used elsewhere and the post was allowed. I’m not sure whether any password would have been accepted as a first …

    More generally, can I say that I find this interface less useful than the old one? While it was a nuisance to have to continually enter an email address to post (unless you left the page active on a device) navigation begween topics and finding older topics was far easier. It also had the look and feel of a more serious blog, whereas this looks very much more like the web equivalent of post it notes.

    Best …

  2. The above comment required an email address and password, which, fairly obviously, worked in my case.

  3. I’ve turned the email requirement off again. It appears to work if you don’t put anything in, but to get stroppy if you enter an email registered to another account. Further updates appreciated.

  4. I don’t understand why it’s burdensome. Chrome remembers my details after the first time I commented, same as before. Indeed I can’t see any significant difference in functionality.

  5. So sick of email and password hassles with many sites..seems ok here though.

  6. Frankly, it is a nice change from the old system, but where have all the usual posters disappeared?

  7. I haven’t had a comment to make since you changed, so I’ll try now.

    While I’m here, have you seen the recent report of a dramatic fall in the price of Bitcoin, with other cryptocurrencies dropping similarly?

  8. I suppose if bitcoin slumps, the gamblers suffer and it postpones the pop of the real estate bubble.

  9. It’s striking that, even though they would appear to be rivals, each claiming to have a better version of blockchain, the cryptocurrencies rise and fall in lockstep. Their true value of zero will be attained eventually, but it may be some time yet.

  10. Exchanges only offer BTC/USD (or BTC/JPY, BTC/EUR etc) ‘real world’ currency pairs. If you want to trade another crypto currency eg. Litecoin, you’re forced to do LTC/BTC pair trading. If the value of BTC/USD drops, and the value of LTC/BTC remains more or less the same, the value of LTC/USD has to drop as well. Bitcoin really is ‘the one ring that rules them all and binds them’. Which means they’re all just as much of a scam as Bitcoin…

  11. I liked the web 1.0 look of the old website, but new wordpress site seems to be working fine. I run a small wordpress site and I do see a lot of new users from .ru opening accounts for no particular reason.

  12. Tacking away from my June 6 comment, I think the headline font (Playfair Display) is discouragingly old-fashioned for a progressively themed blog. Its’ typographically condensed look slows scanning comprehension from post to post, with the limitation best illustrated by the relative illegibilty of the all caps sub title (COMMENTARY ON … etc), remembering also that long upper-cap strings are considered to slow readabilty in general.

  13. John, I agree with Andrew.

    Playfair Display appears to have been designed more for larger text, and squeezing a lot of letters onto a book cover or cigarette packet. It doesn’t render well at small sizes, and looks very blurry on my screen. I’d possibly try swapping everything ‘Playfair Display’ to ‘Open Sans’ and see if you think it’s an improvement.

  14. Just to add, Roboto which you’re using for the main text is also good at small sizes. Could also try that for ‘Commentary on…’ and ‘Recent Comments’.

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