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  1. The smh of today has an article on the pay of CEOs with the heading: Australia’s highest paid CEO takes home 435 times the average full time wage. The CEO in question is the CEO of Domino’s Pizza.

    There are probably measurement issues (eg changes in option and shareholdings values). However, any conceivable revision of the numbers will result in a gross (no pun intended) violation of Prof Tinbergen’s 5:1 ratio – I am very confident about this. There is a serious disequilibrium problem.

  2. Conclusion: In simulations… the most skillful people were almost never the most successful. Instead, lucky individuals tended to be the most successful.


    It sounds quite plausible. Likewise, there’s muppets like me who have repeatedly managed to lose money in various things (and it looks as though I bought my house in Sydney just before prices peaked).

  3. I think Trump is always a bit of fun, sort of like a Cartman let loose in/on the real world.

    I hope the Democrats look at their own methods and outlook rather than just taking the easy way out and blaming Trump and his noise machine and the Russians because Americans just now don’t realise how stupid they look when they dunny spit about the Russian and Chinese outsiders disrupting their political processes. They were the ones who invented the spectre of one nation disrupting other nations, serially, over long times since the Monroe Doctrine was first elucidated nearly two hundred years ago, in the face of all the feelgood stuff about Peoples sovereignty during the Revolution era. The attitude to places like Haiti made a good counterpart to the race basis for slavery in the US itself, imho and their exceptionalism blinds them so critically to reality.

  4. Suggestion here that countries retaliating against Trump’s trade war tariffs should base them on carbon footprints: ******.climatechangenews.com/2018/07/16/trump-wrecking-climate-free-trade-common-solution/
    The usual argument against border carbon levies is that they disrupt existing rules. Trump has trashed these anyway, so why not? The authors are credentialed professors of environmental law.

  5. There is a new twist in NSW to receiving prohibited donations from developers which was the cause of mass resignations(9)? from the NSW Liberal government recently. A government member proposed a “joint venture” to a real estate agent whereby, upon an introduction by the agent to a Chinese Corporate associate of the member and, upon a sale being effected by the agent the member was to get 50% of the agent’s fee.
    The property sold had its value markedly enhanced by the granting of a Development Approval facilitated by the member through his position in the NSW Government. The DA and sale were in secret.
    What should theoretically be a simple sale and approval becomes a complex web of inefficient manoeuvring and probably the serious crime of receiving secret commissions.
    It would be very naïve to think these practices do not occur north of the Tweed.
    There is a bitterly opposed development in Yaroomba on the Sunshine Coast for which the Council has given special concessions contrary to the Town Plan which clearly needs scrutiny by the Qld. CCC.

  6. I am rapt to see that Michelle O’Neil from the Textile Clothing Footwear Union (now amalgamated with other unions to form the CFMMEU) has been elected ACTU President.

    My wife only joined the TCFUA on the day she was sacked by a rogue boss due to my efforts to obtain her workplace rights. (I had tried to get her to join earlier, at my expense, but she new nothing about unions and thought it was a crazy idea!)

    Nonetheless, the TCFUA, with the express approval of Michelle O’Neil, took up my wife’s unfair dismissal case and gave invaluable advice on how to proceed with the unpaid entitlement matter. The amount of effort put in by the TCFUA lawyers was amazing and competely unexpected. I believe we got well in excess of $10,000 worth of legal assistance.

    I never spoke to Michelle O’Neil and I am not sure of she knew her we were but she gave my wife and I a big kind smile. Michelle O’Neil is a class act.


  7. Table here of the 10 largest PV manufacturers in 2017: ****pv-magazine.com/2018/07/20/top-10-crystalline-pv-module-manufacturer-ranking/. The tenth largest, a company you have never heard of called Talesun, produced 2.8 GW of panels. Allowing for capacity factors (say 25% to 75%), that is roughly equivalent to one 1 GW nuclear reactor. In one year, not five. The leader that year, Jingko, produced over 10 GW: three reactors.

  8. Correction from James W, moved from other thread “Oops, posted too quickly. Jingko’s production on 2016 was 6.5 GW, two reactors. 10.5 GW is its 2018 production capacity.”

  9. I hope our host may use this;
    as a benchmark against policy analysis and outcomes.

    “This report shows that there is space for policies to make societies more mobile and protect households from adverse income shocks. It discusses the options and measures that policy makers can consider how to improve social mobility across and within generations.”

    “”If you’re born into a poor family in Australia, new analysis suggests it would take four generations before your descendants approach the average wage.
    That’s actually faster than average across developed countries…””

    Outcome: “policy x lowers intergenerational povery by 5 days or 3.94 years to equity down from 4 years”.

    Such a metric would end up embedded in culture rapidly I think.

  10. My fingers typed “years” above. It should read “generations”! Gulp… down from 80 years to 79…” Hard to think of this as equity timescale.

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