5 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Very disappointed in tonight’s 4Corners on FB, which seemed like the get Assange campaign writ large.

    The people who control politics and media are jealous of ANY rival who may threaten their monopoly on consent manufacture.

  2. I have a question. Perhaps I am judging Malcolm Turnbull too harshly. I am wondering who were the best prime ministers over the last 25 years? What attributes did they have, that perhaps our current set of potential leaders lack? We should not overlook the positive influence of social media.

  3. The $444M grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation; isn’t this funding that ought to have gone to the CSIRO? This looks to me like funding non-government agencies – in this case one with strong ties to businesses that have potential conflicts of interest – embodies elements of culture war/war on science/climate obstructionist motivations.

  4. Hi,
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