Economics in Two Lessons

’ve just sent the final manuscript of Economics in Two Lessons back to Princeton University Press. I’ll have to correct the proofs, but apart from that, my work here is done.

US publication is currently scheduled for May 2019, hopefully with an Australian edition to follow. I’ve set up a Facebook page (see below) and have been posting extracts regularly.


Economics in Two Lessons Facebook Page:

4 thoughts on “Economics in Two Lessons

  1. Congrats, John. Hopefully this book will be read by all serious students of economics, whether they be young undergrads studying economics in university or retired old duffers with grandiose delusions such as me.

  2. The internet age: 7 months to get a book released to the public after final manuscript – seems surprisingly slow.

  3. boconnor. I agree. And the info for authors is insistent on the claim that changes at the proof stage are super costly and must be kept to a minimum. It’s rather like the rule that subeditors pick the headline of an article, which also goes back to the days of precisely fitting hot lead type into a defined space,

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