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  1. The problem of debt versus equity is again raising its head. In the USA. There is a return to a form of ‘junk bond” lending. This caused the last two financial crisis episodes. The way to avoid such collapses is to avoid such an imbalance between equity financing and debt financing. The difficultly is getting this message across to business financial officers.

  2. Dear Leader:

    Clive Hamilton had a good book on the subject ““Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering.” Unfortunately, he has diverted most of his attention to the (third-order, in my view) issue of Chinese interference in universities.


    After a quarter-century of researching China, Anne-Marie Brady is a veteran of Chinese government spying and harassment. “I was prepared for pressure in China,” says the 52-year-old New Zealander, a well-regarded professor of political science at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. “But I always felt safe in New Zealand. So that changed.” Last week she wrote to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seeking police protection. It was her first direct appeal to Ardern, but her third in a series of pleas to escalating levels of officialdom.

    First came the pressure on her university. Chinese officials demanded that her immediate superior stop her research. It might have worked – the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the mayor of Christchurch backed them up in an effort to appease Beijing. They failed when the university vice-chancellor intervened on behalf of academic freedom. But it was just the beginning.

    Next, her office was broken into in December 2017 … Brady’s home was next … The only things missing were laptops, phones and an encrypted memory stick from her last trip to China … Her work uncovered, for instance, that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had built three military facilities on Australian Antarctic territory … “Soon after my testimony to the Australian parliamentary committees, some of my colleagues in Chinese universities were visited by the Ministry of State Security … And the incidents continue. In November, Brady’s car was tampered with.

    If the United States was doing this in Oz and NZ, the Left would be up in arms. No one on the Left would say it was a third order issue. Hundreds of thousands would march in the streets. But because it is China, it apparently less important than some trivial constitutional argie bargie that has deprived us of …. Jacquie Lambie.

    You’re a God on economics Dear Leader, but so hot on security.

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