Monday Message Board (on Tuesday)

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30 thoughts on “Monday Message Board (on Tuesday)

  1. The January CW calendar until recently had the Sea Shepherd group chasing Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Sea, but that petered out. There’s a replacement though, at the Australian Open Tennis, with the bun fight over whether to de-name the Margaret Court Arena. (It’s not going to happen, but if it did happen, and was renamed the Evonne Goolagong Arena, it would start a CNW, a Culture Nuclear War.)

  2. The economic costs of the fish kills in the Darling River system must we considered when new water allocations are handed out to farms to the north of the state. This must be factored in to a reform of the Murray-Darling Basin long term strategy. John Maynard Keynes once famously said that an intelligent person must change their conclusions when presented with new facts, The key is to consider the longer term rather than just respond to current weather conditions. The possibility( almost certainty) of future drought periods must be factored in somehow, After this has been done, the social costs of loss of natural habitat to down river residents should also be considered.

  3. Today we should be able to read the findings of the SA RC into the MDB.

    Already there has been some blowback, then Minister Tony Burke was taken to task by Bret Walker SC for his tardy submission (“I am sure you appreciate that your letter dated 22 January 2019 has arrived at the royal commission far too late for me to give the matters in it substantive attention. Nor can it form part of the evidence of the commission…As you are a former federal water minister, and the relevant minister at the time of the enactment of the Basin Plan, I would have welcomed any contribution you sought to make.”) and faulty memory (“Assuming your recollection to be correct, the advice you were given is not consistent with the contemporaneous records and reports tendered at the commission hearing.”).

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