Adani starting work?

A few weeks ago, I commented sceptically on Adani’s announcement that it had moved heavy earthmoving equipment to its Carmichael site. At the same time, Adani flew a banner over its Brisbane office, claiming it was ready to start the mining project the moment it got the green light. As I observed at the time, the “heavy earthmoving equipment” appeared to consist of one large grader and a few smaller vehicles.

The latest news is that Adani is “moving ahead with access work” namely, building by-passes around cattle grids, which “which will allow larger machinery and equipment to be transported to site. ” It sounds as if the start of real work is a long way off.

And here’s our big yellow grader at work.

Searching for this picture, I found a more impressive sounding piece, beginning

ADANI will start rolling out the first wave of jobs as it starts construction on the Carmichael megamine.
It is expected the mining camp, as well as six work camps for the rail line, will be the first projects.
The airstrip at the Carmichael mine site will also be in the first stage,

The target date for the first coal shipment of Carmichael coal is March 2020

But that was back in 2017. There’s still no sign of jobs for a FIFO workforce, or of the airstrip they will need, or even of any new work camps (a 300 bed camp is already there, built in 2016 AFAICT)

Prediction is always difficult, especially about the future. But I see no reason to change my view that Adani is just engaged in shadow boxing, and has no intention of throwing away $2 billion of its own money on this economic and environmental disaster.

16 thoughts on “Adani starting work?

  1. GOOD day I have no problem with mining coal in Australia it’s a key to Queensland economy but ADANI I have huge issues with in my opinion they are a shonky business if it were another mining company like Leighton or b h p I think that coal would have been loaded onto ships years ago just kick them out of Australia I don’t want them involved in any business here in Australia

  2. John Cheetman, you have no problem with the environmental, therefore human, in fact ‘life’ on this Planet will be facing a catastrophic future if this coal or any increase in fossil fuel burning is permitted. Do you realise that the 000s f Climate Scientists, from all around this Planet, are now sounding alarm bells at the delays & obstructions to positive GHG emission reduction? Or do you dismiss the science, favouring short-term jobs & short-term profits? As short-term, for long term disaster is what we would face.

  3. I assume Leighton mining is preferred because the CEO, Michael Wright, is considered to have the Wright stuff, while Gautam Adani isn’t Wright at all.

  4. Has anyone actually seen a Definitive/Bankable Feasibility Study prepared for this $2bn investment?

    Coming from a mining investment background – would typically be a pretty vital element

    I’ve no issue with this mine being build, though I am super dubious of it being profitable – or funded, for that matter

  5. Andy Fastow

    Not sure that the feasibility study will be rock solid anyway. If it can be feasibly approved even with errors and extict black throated finches, they will dig.

    ” In a personal communication with the author, Dent (1995) described an audit in a mining company that found errors in about 30% of the audited spreadsheets. ”

  6. When do foreign ownership and Investor-state dispute laws kick in as to big firms like Adani and Cubbie Creek owners? Is it why Australia and its communities are no longer able to defend local enviro and resources, even when offshore owned business represent a potential menace to our country as they employ some sort of destructive slash and burn mode otherwise disallowed here for good reasons, for a quick buck for oligarchy while we cry “stinking fish: say as with the

    Are our politicians more spineless ( and corrupt?) than jellyfish- also msm, or are white collar people in this country just ideologically brainwashed functionaries and zombie stooges?

  7. Adani is playing games. They can’t finance a mine but they can make enough phoney moves to put themselves in a position where they would get a hefty compensation payout.

  8. Adani is playing games to get in position where they could get a hefty compensation payout. Plausible, IMHO. What would be a credible counter play?

    Considering there is a time limit on most if not all DA approvals, it seems to me a credible counter play would be to have a time limit on whatever approval Adani obtained. Is there a time limit?

  9. Rog more of a bad joke. I find it hilarious that anyone would believe that Adani could build a 10MTPA coal mine and 188km of railway by April next year with the equipment shown in these photographs.

  10. Time will tell what Adani are really up to. Thanks John for keeping your eye on this company’s actions. I’m sure the LNP e.g. Canavan are happy with the continuing fantasy that much action and jobs are imminent!

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