I’m not a big fan of political scandals. Still, it has to mean something when there are too many simultaneous scandals going on for anyone to keep track. Rather than attempt a summary, I’ll list some of the government figures currently involved in one or more scandals that would normally be expected to produce a resignation from office or Parliament: Cash, Cormann, Dutton, Hockey, Keenan, Wilson, Price [feel free to challenge these names, or add others, in comments]. The only comparable situation I can think of is the dying days of the last NSW Labor government.

In these circumstances, policy catastrophes like banking, the Murray-Darling Basin and climate change barely get a look in.

Despite all of this, the government and their media cheer squad are convinced they can eke out a win by demonizing refugees. We shall see.

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  1. Each new scandal provides cover and distraction from the last. It’s like being in a blizzard of malfeasance.

  2. “The only comparable situation I can think of is the dying days of the last NSW Labor government.”

    The last NSW government had two
    ministers who went to jail for actual crimes, and are still in jail.
    And at least one more who, buggered if I know how, never got prosecuted. No one from the LNP government has committed a go to jail crime, I think.

  3. “by demonising refugees”

    It is interesting that the “security concerns” issue and the need to reopen Christmas Island were originally raised by ASIO. The Government made these concerns public, much to the annoyance of ASIO’s Duncan Lewis, because he argued the Government was using these reports for political purposes. But the reports themselves were real – the “sin” according to the ASIO boss was to make them public. It seems to me more than just a scare campaign. A better way of handing it would probably have been for Morrison to just call Shorten and advise him of the security issue. But there was a real problem and I think it was not unreasonable for Australians to be told about it.

    Anyway Labor quickly backtracked to make the amendments apply only to those on Nauru and Manus, though the “security concerns”, according to ASIO, related to “the 1000 people held in detention”.

    Source: Mainly today’s AFR p.4.

  4. I think these scandals are relatively dull and will not influence the election. It is ironic that you post this on the day seven British Labour pollies quit the party in part because of internal scandals including chronic antisemitism and having a leader who has never met a moslem terrorist that he wouldn’t sleep with.

  5. You’re trying to tell me Corbyn has the Summon Sexy Terrorist ability?

    Well, the only explanation for that, Hugo, is he must be a former 00 agent. Presumably a 007 if I know my sexy terrorists.

  6. This is the biggest reason for a national permanent ICAC. Politicians must know that some independent judge is watching their activities. particularly if they are ministers.

  7. The roots of the constant pattern of lying and deceit within the “Government” cover a broad spectrum. Some lie because of their past training and life experience, some because they believe that they are doing God’s will and have been granted auto-absolution to do so, some lie because their sponsors and mentors, eg The Minerals Council, have told them to do so, some lie simply to survive. Perhaps a very few lie and feel guilt.

  8. You would think that general mismanagement of…. EVERYTHING would be the bigger story. The solution is to ban anonymous political donations over $100. The present climate of soft corruption is indefensible.

  9. Harry you are wrong.
    It was a briefing note from Home Affairs based on information from ASIO and border force.
    It was said by the Head of Home Affairs at Senate Estimates.

  10. Just now in the guardian.
    “Jim Chalmers is attempting to move this motion:

    I seek leave to move the following motion – that the House,

    one, notes that yesterday it was revealed the Finance Minister received free flights to Singapore from Helloworld, which he booked by calling the CEO of this ASX-listed company directly, just before it was awarded a multimillion-dollar whole-of-government contract by the minister’s own department,

    (b) today, it has been reported that US Ambassador Joe Hockey, who has a million-dollar shareholding in Helloworld, helped a Helloworld subsidiary lobby for the embassy’s travel contract,

    (c) the CEO of Hello World and one of its largest shareholders, Andrew Burnes, is a Liberal Party heavyweight and currently Liberal Party Treasurer with connections to a number of Liberal Party politicians,

    (d) the Finance Minister told Senate Estimates yesterday that he had, “a close personal relationship” with Mr Burnes,

    (e) Mr Burnes was previously now a colleague of the now-Prime Minister during the Prime Minister’s time at Tourism Australia,

    (f) since being awarded government contracts, the share price of Hello World has skyrocketed, making shareholders like Mr Hockey and Mr Burns rich,

    and (g) it was reported that the Herald Sun asked almost all of the 82 Liberal MPs in parliament whether they had received free travel from Hello World, but only 14 said that they had not,

    and, (2) therefore calls on the Prime Minister to investigate and report to the House how far this Hello World scandal reaches into his government.

    He is denied on the voices.”

    I am asked by the government to prove it myself. Reciprocity please Joe.

  11. Alleged and topical.

    Bougainville Mining Coup Engineered by Former Australian Defence Minister Leaked Document Suggests 
    “Johnston is a former Minister for Defence in the Australian Government (famously known for being embroiled in an expenses scandal), and is currently Chairman of Kalia Limited which is laying claim over mineral prospects in North Bougainville ”

    Another reckless land grab in the making?
    “Second, opportunistic Australian financial interests appear to be behind this move. Leaked documents show how these proposed legal changes are an exact replica of a strategy proposed in 2017 by an Australian consultancy group called Innovative Economic Solutions. This group has links to the Perth-based Kalia Holdings, which has already gained mining exploration leases in North Bougainville. There is every reason to believe that may be connections between Innovative Economic Solutions, Kalia Holdings and the proposed foreign partner in this new land grab, Caballus Mining, which is headed by another Perth resident, Mr McGlinn.”

    Jubilee Australia engages in research to seek reform of Australian government and corporate practices, and of the global financial system, to support community wellbeing and a just, sustainable, global economy.

  12. I could post this in about 5 of the recent OP’s. As this has great potential in this one, enjoy.

    ** “This argument gets the roles of prices and quantities precisely backwards.” said JQ previously …

    The Guardian live today at 8.39am 

    “”Australia’s biggest coalminer might be limiting its thermal coal production (which make no mistake, is a commercial decision) but Angus Taylor has some strong opinions about Labor’s renewable energy targets, after new modelling. From his release:

    T work, released by BAEconomics’s Managing Director Dr Brian Fisher,shows that Labor’s 45% Emissions Reduction Target and 50% Renewable Energy Target will:
    • cost the economy $472 billion,
    • slash more than 336,000 jobs,
    • cut the average wage by over $9,000, and
    • increase wholesale electricity prices by more than 58%.

    JQ previously; 

    “”Understanding of the issues has not helped by the recent contributions of the government’s leading research agency in this area, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Writing in AFR recently, ABAREs Brian Fisher and Anna Matysek argued against carbon taxes and similar policies on the grounds that studies have shown ‘early action would be more costly than adopting emission pathways with lower near-term mitigation’. Greenhouse quick fixes sure to backfire, AFR 1/5/06.”…

    **”This argument gets the roles of prices and quantities precisely backwards.””. Great line.

    Scandal is, where is and how do we get the model, data and assumptions and grill angus about it?

    336k about 2.6% of workforce. How many new renew econ jobs if 50% Renewable Energy Target please anyone?

  13. KT2, thanks for the tips. Any Johnston involvement = nothing good.

  14. Julie Bishop has just announced she’s quitting politics. I wonder if it was the Hellworld thing that tipped her over the edge.

  15. Scandals do seem to mount as governments enter terminal decline, but their character differs from country to country. The US is often caught up in legal minutiae, the UK in sex scandals, Australia in financial corruption.

  16. Add Porter to the list.

    https ://

    https ://

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