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27 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. It is not April 1st yet.
    This is no Joke.

    AS of this time not a single General or Admiral has come to his or her senses and set themselves on fire.
    I think that more pressure needs to be added to their calculations.
    I now think that a large microwave oven should be built and the guilty parties shouid be cooked in that rather than with napalm.

    The only question that serious real economists really need to concern themselves with now is would it be economically more advantageous to build such a large microwave in China or closer to home.

    Discussing government budget deficits or trade balances, or especially interest rates, is just a waste of time at this point when ther are is much more important issue that needs to be decided upon.

    But Curt. You are a member of an organization called Friends of Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine tried to prevent the execution of the King and Queen of France. Surely if he were here today he would speak out against such vengful behavior.

    I suspect that he would. But I also think that Thomas Paine would be letting criminals worse than Hitler escape justice. I have previously written about why the criminals that I attack are worse than Hitler.
    For what they have done the punishment that I reccommend is quite merciful. A native American once told me of an even worse way to die. It results in a slower very painful death. So these criminals should be thankful that I would be protecting them from people who are even angrier and more radical than I am, if my advice is followed.

    Those murdered in the attack on the USS Liberty are still screaming out from their graves for justice.
    They look to me because I understand how that attack fits in to the grand scheme of history.

  2. Thomas Paine would have been alive when the French Physiocrats were trying to establish a new economic order. The centuries of budgetary imbalances under profligate French monarchs had left the French economy exhausted. It could no longer provide the basic wants of its urban populations. Bread was not available at prices that any middle class family could afford. This was one of the causes of the French Revolution. Budgetary management is always important! deficits DO MATTER. The USA seems to have set a very bad example to other global economic management regimes. With Australia’s next budget proposal about to be unveiled the structural deficit will be carefully examined. Australia is riding a wave of revenue from mineral exports. this may not be around to bail out any government that decides to spend more on budgeted outlays. Fiscal policy must never be used for blatant political gains. It is there to make the economy more stable and capable of providing the needs and wants of the population. this was the main aim of the new economic system proposed by ther French Physiocrats in mid eighteenth century France. A man called adam Smith happened to be touring France at that time and was convinced by their arguments. He went back to Scotland to write his best known book:

    Modern capitalism was established from that book!

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