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  1. Federal Labor has now announced a climate change policy, and it appears the Coalition intends to re-run Abbott’s carbon tax scare campaign of 2012-13. Quelle surprise.

    Arctic warming contributes to drought
    Date: March 27, 2019 Source: University of Wyoming
    Summary: According to new research, changes similar to those after the ice age 10,000 years ago could be in store today because a warming Arctic weakens the temperature difference between the tropics and the poles. This, in turn, results in less precipitation, weaker cyclones and weaker mid-latitude westerly wind flow — a recipe for prolonged drought. …Nature.
    In ancient oceans that resembled our own, oxygen loss triggered mass extinction
    Date: March 28, 2019 Source: Florida State University
    Summary: Researchers provide first conclusive evidence linking widespread ocean oxygen loss and rising sea levels to a 430-million-year-old mass extinction event. …Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2019

    But, Young found, that oxygen loss wasn’t universal. Only about 8 percent or less of the global oceans experienced significantly reducing conditions with very little to no oxygen and high levels of toxic sulfide, suggesting that these conditions didn’t need to advance to whole-ocean scale to have an outsized, destructive effect.
    “Our study finds that you don’t necessarily need the entire ocean to be reducing to generate these kind of geochemical signatures and to provide a kill mechanism for this significant extinction event,” Young said.
    Today, like 430 million years ago, sea level is on the rise and ocean oxygen is hemorrhaging at an alarming rate. As parallels continue to emerge between today’s changes and past calamities, peering into the Earth’s distant past could be a critical tool in preparing for the future…

  3. Hmmm,
    I just learned something quite interesting. The infamous dutch nazi collaborator Fake Ploeg had a grandson who immigrated to South Africa in 1982. That Grandson had a daughter that immigrated to Australia in 2007. The family is now spread like a web around the world. This could be crucial news for Australia’s future.

  4. The long term economic costs of global warming needs urgent analysis. The rise of sea levels alone will cause great costs in terms of lost private wealth and relocation of coastal communities. Add to this the other cots due to extreme weather events becoming almost a common occurrence and you have massive recovery costs for private households, as well as greater demands on the government purse. This deserves its own issue analysis in terms on impacts on structural deficits over the next twenty years. Any hope for a globally unified action, to curtail global warming, seems to now be unlikely. Mere words on paper will not be enough to prevent a massive increase in environmental damage. What is needed is for world governments to get over the approbation of blame phase. At a global and national level they need to move on to serious long term planning for what is now what will be an almost inevitable rise in environmental costs. Sustainable economic development is only possible with a stable physical and human environment.

  5. Since Australia is a key provider of energy and iron ore to the planet, two crucial indigredients for the foundation of unsustainable industrialization, the importance of Australia in the grand scheme of things is really big. Did Fake Ploeg’s great grand daughter move to Australia under orders or was it only a lucky twist of fate?
    It seems to me that there is no chance that any humans will survive to the end of this century. That means long before the century is over there will certianly be Mass Casualty events. Is there a sustainable way out that does not leave billions of people in early graves? Is there a sustainable way out that prevents those who are most responsible for creating the problems from passing through the eye of the needle in to the future while those who never benifited get left behind?
    It looks to me that the only work here on earth for humanity to finish is to create a story that would make Charles Dickens, Willem Hermans, Victor Hugo, Hans H. Kirst, Leo Tolstoy and Abu Qasim Ferdowsi proud.
    No one has all the pieces to the puzzle though. Maybe there is an honorable way out. Maybe that is why the great grand daughter of Fake Ploeg is in Australia. The mathimatical chances seem really really slim though. And if we work to make those great authors of the past proud such work will not neccissarily conflict with work to save humanity however unlikely that work is to succeed.

  6. As it is a new area of research for economists I presume, a comment or op on genetics vs economics to this paper would be great. It directly effects economy and heritability. Wow or wait for proof over say 2 generations? Mental health trumps education it seems.

    Ifbwe see this research used in a predictive algorithm it would be helpful or very hurtful as “we were able to predict 2.5% of income differences using genetic data alone”.

    “Genetic analysis identifies molecular systems and biological pathways associated with household income”
    “Here, in a sample of 286,301 participants from UK Biobank, we identified 30 independent genome-wide significant loci, 29 novel, that are associated with household income.”…
    …”we identified cognitive ability as one of the causal, partly-heritable phenotypes that bridges the gap between molecular genetic inheritance and phenotypic consequence in terms of income differences. Significant differences between genetic correlations indicated that, the genetic variants associated with income are related to better mental health than those linked to educational attainment (another commonly-used marker of SEP). Finally, we were able to predict 2.5% of income differences using genetic data alone in an independent sample. These results are important for understanding the observed socioeconomic inequalities in Great Britain today.”

  7. Doctor pricing and policy effects study in Australia.

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
    Volume 161, May 2019, Pages 20-34

    “”Physician pricing behavior: Evidence from an Australian experiment


    We study unregulated physician fees in response to lower patient public benefits.

    Physicians increased fees 12% when certain of patient eligibility for benefits.

    Physicians’ knowledge of patient receipt of public benefits affects prices.

    Cost of public provision ofhealthcare to remain high despite fewer beneficiaries.


  8. Well I had promised to write a bit about privacy. I do not really feel like it though. So I will just say that privacy is evil. It is the handmaiden of the devil. For the life of me I can not understand why leftists get so hyped up about the issue of privacy. Privacy is a concept that massively favors the rich. Two rich people with privacy on their hands can do hundreds of millions of times more damage to a planet than two working class people.
    Well since I do not believe in privacy I guess I should write what is really on my mind. It is a detailed plan for how to burn a generali alive and get away with it. Now I myself do not have access to any generals. If I did have access to a general and I was able to douse the general with something flamable and ignite it the flames would hurt the genreral like hell, deservedly so. But if the general survived it would only be with physical scars, as it would just be a justified act of war carried out by the other side of the conflict. The attack would be a event that generals have to take the risk of being a target of.
    On the other hand if the attack were carried out by one of the generals subordinates that would cause a lot more psychological paine than if I were to do it. I have come up with an even more devious plan to get the job done, than having a subordiante do it openly. One that will cause not only immense physical paine but psychological paine as well. That would be to slip a date rape drug to the wife, or mistress, or girl friend of the general. Then once the wife, mistress or girl friend is highly suggesable call them on their telly and give them their instructions to douse the general with the pail of liquid that has been left for them in the closet and then throw a lit match or a lighter on the general. Even if the plan to does not go according to plan it should have a very enlightening effect.
    Humanity is toast. So we should make some toast of those who deserve it while we still can.
    A Provost prost for toast, or roast. Yes, I know it will not solve the Irish border issue. It will not settle the debate about immigration. It will reduce unemployment by one though. A new job opportunity will open up. Perhaps my own position will open up. I might be rabid but I am not a psycopath.

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