Half right, and all left, on coffee

Back in the Paleozoic era of blogging, I wrote, in relation to a prediction that latte drinkers would soon be in the majority

I would view this prospect with horror, but I think it will not come to pass. Latte is the Cold Duck of the 21st century, and like Cold Duck will be shaken off with a shudder as people realise what real coffee is about.

Recent research from the Australia Institute suggests I was, at best, half right. Latte drinking hasn’t become the norm but it has survived, while real coffee (short black) remains such a minority taste that it has to be lumped in with the watered down long black.

The good news, (that is, the news that confirms my prejudices) is that latte drinkers are more likely to be LNP voters than anything else. The same is true, though only marginally, for chardonnay.

15 thoughts on “Half right, and all left, on coffee

  1. The one drug I can’t live without is caffeine. I need at least six cups a day. I don’t care much how I get my fix. It has left me a broken man.

  2. On this data 16% of latte drinkers are Greens voters, which is way above their voting share, so it’s entirely consistent with the stereotype. Same is true for Chardonnay drinkers (18% Greens). The interesting stat is that 14% of Chardonnay drinkers are One Nation voters. I suspect that Greens voters drink unwooded Chardonnay, wooded being associated the logging of native forests, with One Nation voters drinking wooded Chardonnay, for the same reason.

  3. Coffee 2 x 10am -Strong. Very strong.

    Cold duck – and dont forget Porphery Pearl. Classic line ” couldn’t afford German equipment”. What? A bucket. I’ve seen wine “strengrhened” with ground old wine barels. Yes. Wine ‘drinkers’ leave mere insipid latte latte lovers in the bucket.

    “The Pearl Wine Wars

    “Ian Hickinbotham over at Kaiserstuhl saw Perlwein as a way to shift the vast surplus of grapes in the ailing growers’ co-op he was trying to make profitable. He couldn’t afford to buy the fancy German equipment, so he built his own and hired a young winemaker called Wolf Blass in 1961. Wolf has been on the radio a lot in the last year or two, talking about how he showed Australians how to make table wine, but that’s another story.”


  4. The serious point to this research is that it shows attempts by some politicians to stereotype and deride based on beverage choice are likely to backfire, because as a community we are remarkably similar.

    The serious point to this research is that derision based on stereotypes is likely to backfire in some bizarro dimension where people rely more on fact-checking than on stereotypes.

    It’s not clear why political rhetoric of division has focused so much on what people drink, but this research shows it bears little relationship to what really happens in Australia’s cafes, pubs and bars.

    … as if that matters.

  5. J-D. Turn it into a lesson plan / game?

    “Fact-Check It! is a role-playing card game that stimulates critical thinking, fact-based dialogue and analytical skills among students.

    “It takes place in the fictional country of Agritania, where the debate over an upcoming referendum to ban GMOs has been consumed by fake news and dubious claims. Students will operate in the newsroom of theAgritania Today and have to verify 25 different news items in order to inform the editorials that will come out on the day of the vote.”


  6. I usually order a long flat white on the few occasions when I decide to drink a second coffee for the day after the heart-starter at home. I do have a weakness for chardonnay, which my GP is not entirely happy about.

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