4 thoughts on “It’s here

  1. Should have waited – just bought on Amazon US at a slightly higher price – though, I think, hard-cover. Interested to read in full and will eventually try to review. Still unsure of the intended market though you got me.

  2. I guess I have in mind the kind of people who read my blog. I think my book would be more useful than the standard texts for undergrads who don’t intend to become economists, but I don’t imagine it will be adopted widely.

  3. The blog post needs more white space. I hope this is not true of the dead tree book.

    I once (when much younger) read an instructive article in Penthouse with practical advice to budding pornographers, of a kind that JQ would not get from the Princeton University Press. Since pornographers were paid at the time by the line, the trick is short Hemingway-style declarative sentences, often in in single paragraphs, and liberal use of spaces and repeat keys. For instance, anal penetration could be represented economically by the line

    I submit this information as a public service, in case JQ ever tries an update to Dante’s Inferno featuring torture porn inflicted on Abbott, Adani, the IPA, Monckton, Murdoch and other enemies of the people.

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