6 thoughts on “Launch!

  1. HI John – I’ll be at the launch, see you there, hope it goes well!

    Stephen Bartos

  2. With two good books on economics published for a general audience, I take it that any remaining hopes JQ may have had of a Nobel are now definitively gone.

  3. Well done John. Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations on how you went about the whole effort of informing non-economists of the vital importance of this area of knowledge. I know we only sit in the ‘pocket’, as it were, of moral philosophy but many important things are kept in that very pocket. Economics is one of those things. Good luck. Bon chance.

  4. James @2 It’s worse than that. There are several from the 1990s as well, including premature advocacy of a Job Guarantee in Work for All.

  5. I am reading and enjoying. Well-written with good examples. A workbook might be useful – sometimes the arguments concentrated even if no maths.

  6. Professor Quiggin, youtube has become an increasingly important platform for getting ideas across, especially among the young. Youtube tutorials and exercises based on your book may be a great way to reach audiences that don’t read blogs or buy many books.

    If you decide to go that route, I found a Veritasium video that discusses the way we learn interesting. Counterintuitively, if listeners find an instructional video clear, concise and easy to understand, it is likely they didn’t learn much at all because the video never got their brains out of automatic pilot. That certainly makes sense to me. The video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVtCO84MDj8&t=423s

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