The big yellow grader, one last time

Adani is getting on with the job of building its Carmichael coal mine as opponents prepare for a renewed campaign of protests.

That’s the lead in this SMH story about the Carmichael mine. But the picture released is the same yellow grader that’s been there for months.

This is a puzzle. On the one hand, Adani’s pronouncements exude confidence that the mine will be shipping coal within a couple of years. That was reinforced in a recent interview with Gautam Adani himself.

On the other hand, the company is showing no signs of urgency about getting to work. They’ve advertised only four jobs on their portal this month, after cutting lots of staff last year. And there’s been no announcement regarding contractors, consulting engineers and so forth, even though all their previous partners have either been sacked or walked away.

Given the subsidies Adani has recieved in India, the project might just be financially viable. But if so, why isn’t the corporation rushing to get it done while the political stars are aligned.

29 thoughts on “The big yellow grader, one last time

  1. Anon, clearly you are neither an objective analyst appraised of the facts, someone who understands and values science, nor someone who understands the necessity yesterday of action stopping both anthropogenic global heating and increasing ocean acidification. Those criteria being a given, what kind of bullsh*tting Adani boosting troll are you? How does Adani butter your bread?

  2. Thanks for the invective Svante. It’s the reason why we

    As a matter of fact I worked on climate change matters for 5 years at a senior level and know quite a lot about climate change, especially concerning emissions and the energy industry.

    Obviously Adani is a symbolic issue. In truth it’s a very very very minor factor. But false facts and widely overblown claims about it hurt the progressive case on climate change.

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