Radio appearances

I’m doing a run of radio interviews this week, including

  • A discussion of Economics In Two Lessons with Nick Rheinburger, morning presenter for ABC Illawarra
  • A talk about the history of Australian farming, with Annabelle Quince of Rear Vision, the history program on ABC RN
  • A discussion of the resurgence of socialism with Tom Switzer on ABC RN Between The Lines

The first interview should go to air on Thursday morning. I’m not sure about the other two

3 thoughts on “Radio appearances

  1. I am wondering what impact your insights will have on the making of better decisions on the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of resource use without some reflection on the measurement of opportunity costs. Will this be the topic of your next book?

  2. Just heard JQ & Josh & Tom on “Is socialism still relevant in 2019?”

    What do you call it when the host slips in the same term into the following supplementary question, just rebutted, AFTER rebuttal term definition agreed by rebtee?

    Your last answer JQ re, as tom switzer put it …if a socialist pm in next 10 yrs what will Australia look like… you casually said “not much different”, and in an even tone delivered the points re less hours etc so denying Josh and Tom a real leverage point.

    Pity your “not much different” point – ! after agreement of definitions ! – wasn’t the starting point of a dialogue / conversation.

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