4 thoughts on “Book events this week

  1. Perhaps it’s not important, but you might like to tell the people at Gleebooks that their website is advertising the event for Thursday 27 July, a date which does not exist (this year). Yes, we all know what they mean, but still …

  2. With the greatest respect to the author/speaker it’s hard to picture people going to a function at night midweek in mid winter to hear about an economics book. As Lyndon Johnson said, “Making a speech on economics is like pissing down your leg. It seems hot to you, but not to anybody else”.

    Happy to be proved wrong of course. 🙂

  3. Smith9,

    I can’t quite agree. Conventional economics is still important, if only because so many believe it is important. It would be good if people thought conventional economics was less important than certain other things, like democracy, humanism and science. That shift will take time in this culture and will partly arise through critiquing aspects of conventional economics itself as J.Q. does from “within the church”. I happen to believe more important impetuses for change will come from outside the conventional economics paradigm and even from outside human systems (i.e. from natural systems) but that’s just me.

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