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A striking thing about Tehan’s university reform. Conservatives hate science even more than humanities, & feeling is mutual. Every scientist I know loathes them. Polling says my colleagues are a good sample. Only 6 per cent of US scientists are Republicans (…)

Rightists like technological goodies, but even there they want to fight culture wars, against renewable energy for example. In this context, is there a non-racist version of the “cargo cult” trope? It would be applicable here.

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  1. Hmmmm, that HuffPost article refers to a study done in 2009. I actually have a copy of it. It was done with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Have they done something more recent?

  2. Wikipedia on the land of Cockaigne:

    According to Herman Pleij, Dreaming of Cockaigne: Medieval Fantasies of the Perfect Life (2001):

    roasted pigs wander about with knives in their backs to make carving easy, where grilled geese fly directly into one’s mouth, where cooked fish jump out of the water and land at one’s feet. The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth.[8]

  3. Dyson Heydon gave this address in 2017 and his world view, of the moral fight over good and evil, seems to be that of the modern conservative.

    The epithet ‘modern elite’ is used by others; both Turnbull, Morrison and the Murdoch press call the ABC the ‘elite media’ and Morrison’s electoral win somehow proved that it was the ‘elites’ who were out of touch.

    Modern conservatives are primarily concerned with advancing their faith in tribalism over evidence based policy. They appear to be totally consumed by their personal existential crises and appear to have abandoned any pretence of community enhancement and enrichment, excepting perhaps at election time.

    Click to access SPEECH-AT-PM-GLYNN-INSTITUTE-16-OCTOBER-2017.pdf

  4. Agreed. But it’s not just conservatives, it’s their implemented system, capitalism. I recently posted this in the RWER blog. Updated slightly here.

    There is clearly a strong correlation between science denialism and COVID-19 case rates in developed and semi-developed countries. “Fauci Blames ‘Anti-Science Bias’ for People Not Following COVID-19 Rules” – Newsweek. Capitalism itself has an ambivalent relationship with science. Capitalists love production science and technology, including the technologies of mining, (some) industries, consumerism, militarism and security, control and persuasion techs but they hate impact science. The impact sciences measure the impacts of science, technology and natural events on the biosphere, environments, plants, animals and humans. Capitalism does not want any interference from impact science findings to impede profits for the few.

    When it comes right down to it Capitalism is anti-science. To accept only the answers you want (from production science) and to deny the answers you don’t want (from impact science) is, in total, unempirical and not in the spirit of the proper holistic (complex systems) application of science. Cherry-picking evidence and science disciplines for promotion and demotion on the basis of ideology is not a characteristic of a science-guided or an ethics guided society.

    Capitalism is also anti-democratic. The few with great wealth control the direction of our civilization. Capitalism is anti-ethical. It destroys environments and humans for elite profits. To sum up, capitalism is anti-democratic, anti-science and anti-ethical. It’s a maladaptive system right now in collapse. The proof is in the outcomes. All serious impact scientists know to a high degree of probability (99% plus) that we are on the path to complete global collapse. It is one minute to midnight in terms of the urgency for change. The COVID-19 challenge is the last chance to change our path. Returning to business as usual (that is to the continued destruction of the biosphere) is NOT a survivable option. We must use the crisis to entirely remold our political economy. Decisions to save the biosphere must take precedence over decisions to make the rich richer.

  5. My comment on capitalism being against the impact science seems to be in limbo due to a typo of my email address. Perhaps it will come out of limbo eventually.

    Dyson Heydon now appears to be in a secular limbo. This is perhaps appropriate considering the discrepancies between his avowed faith and his apparent actions. In his Glyn Inst. speech he pillories the Emperor Trajan, as a “promiscuous drunk”. I wonder whether either or both of these adjectives will come back to haunt him.

    The Freudian projection about “elites” always amuses me. The conservatives and capitalists are the elites, though they feel their power slipping a little now. Anyone who dares criticize religionists, conservatives and capitalists is deemed an oppressive elite by the actual even though these elite religionists, conservatives and capitalists themselves are still in obviously in a position of power. Their critics generally have nothing but words and ideas; yet even these, perhaps especially these, frighten the conservative and oppressive elites.

    Heydon’s speech is a farrago of medieval nonsense invoking a Boschean (Hieronymus Bosch) landscape of saints, demons and deformed sinners. If we look closely at Bosche’s extraordinary works we might even see Heydon’s type: the hypocritical magistrate or Pharisee delivering judgement on sin while slipping his hand elsewhere.

  6. Dyson Heydon gave this address in 2017 …

    To my mind, one of the striking things about that address is that it was written by somebody who would presumably give nominal assent to the proposition that one should not bear false witness against one’s neighbour; and yet, what else but that is he doing?

  7. When it comes to evidence based policy – like climate change – they all bear false witness.

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