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  1. Re Classic Radio Stories’s response in John’s Shellenburger posting:
    “No baseload isn’t a furphy and nuclear isn’t a shibboleth. What you are engaging in is mindless name-calling. ”

    No one did any name calling. If you believe otherwise then please provide an explicit reference.

    I did say Shellenburger should not at all be taken seriously. But I think that pretty obviously refers to just the essay in question.

  2. See we have a basic problem of epistemology here: What is a link going to do? Magically teach you about how the grid works? Will my link bring you up to speed about the differences between energy economics and economics more generally? Will a link add 50 IQ points to your act? Give you a brain transplant and a dogma tumour removal? Will a link make you independent of secular religious movements?

    We want to MAKE baseload a non-issue. Its a huge issue now. We want to MAKE it a non-issue. But thats not the same as pretending that baseload is a furphy in 2020. Its quite simple: I am right and you are wrong. I am smart and you are a fool. I’m okay. You are NOT okay.

    Its true that we want to make baseload a non-issue. But thats going to take a lot of investment. And not the kind of investments that amount to foreign aid to China. Nor any kind of investment that focuses on excluding energy sources, and all getting on one team or the other, for insular factional reasons.

  3. Radio Personage, you should start your first post in these threads with a statement you don’t think CO2 emissions should be decreased. Especially when not sticking to your original name. It’s only polite.

  4. @ Classic Radio Stories

    “Its quite simple: I am right and you are wrong. I am smart and you are a fool.”

    … doesn’t really have the gravitas of the world leading thinker you’re aspiring to be Mr Bird, I think.

  5. This belongs in the Monday message board not the pitviper thread. According to what I have just read the temperature of the surface waters of the North Sea have risen 1.3° since 1980. The temperature of the Baltic Sea has risen 1.8°. It is a shallower sea. These figures came out as a result of a report released recently by Green Peace.

    There has been another bizzare conjuncture of events here locally today. I am having a hard time deciding whether or not it should be written about.

    Since for the time being I can not make up my mind I will write about a bizzare event that happened more than 7 months ago. I was walking home on a paved foot and bike path up a hill 2 kilometers from our house. An oldish man started comming down the hill. He went faster and faster with out pedeling.
    Suddenly he swerved in front of me and crashed in to a chain link fence that ran along someone’s backyard that was next to the path.
    I asked him if I was Okay. He said I guess so. My brakes failed and it was either run in to this fence to stop or the fence at the bottom of the hill that goes around the electrical substation that is solid steel.
    I thought that the event was quite odd. Why did he not notice that his brakes were bad before trying to go down that hill? I immediately wondered if his wife sabotaged his bicycle.
    Then 2 or 3 day later came the US assissination of a high ranking Iranian military figure along with a high ranking Iraqi Shia politician. I thought to myself, did I blow it? Did someone expect me to do or say something that could have prevented this attack? Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was being tipped off that more people knew about this plan than officailly should have. Later I decided that was not the only possibility. It was also possible that someone wanted me to falsely believe that more people knew about this plan than should have.
    Of course 99.99 percent of the human population would never even consider the idea that there could be a connection between a man almost getting killed on a bicycle in front of you and an assissination attempt half a world away 2 or 3 day latter.
    So I have to ponder……..

  6. No I think he will get the point. I think he probably has gotten the point. What we are saying here is that if we work really hard, one day some decades into the future, we may get to a day where the base load concept is not all that important any more. Hopefully not important at all. But we are not there yet. So to write off baseload as a furphie in the here and now is a disaster. A disaster that less privileged Australians are experiencing. I think what the gentleman was doing was pulling back a future possibility into the here and now. You want to rub this issue in, because Its not like we want a whole lot of backsliding on this matter.

    Suppose we backslide on this base load? Then we backslide on the need for energy storage? Then we backslide on the foolishness of using debt accumulation as a substitute for more scientific demand management? This blacksliding can go on for decades. This is how countries get destroyed and civilisations can go under. With the debt thing; we wanted the euthanasia of the rentier class. Not their constant bolstering and growth promotion. We don’t need any more high-cost bludgers. We have enough of them already.

  7. “Radio Personage, you should start your first post in these threads with a statement you don’t think CO2 emissions should be decreased. Especially when not sticking to your original name. It’s only polite.”

    Not my original name? That will come as a surprise to Mother Stories who named me herself. Supposing you are amongst extremist loony-toons. People whose requirements are impossible to satisfy? Is it really going to be a good thing to have to show up and start branding yourself as a believer or a heretic? I am amongst extremist loony-toons because nothing will satisfy them. Well perhaps total obedience to David De Rothschild and an acceptance of rapid involuntary depopulation might do it. But then I don’t know. Its hard to get inside the head of religious fanatics.

    As to any hypothetical ideal or optimal CO2 levels, that ought to be a matter of science and not something that is subject to global banker propaganda or pseudo-religious concerns. You wake up in the morning, if there are deserts out there, or brown hills that should be green, then there is work to do, and there are wrongs that need to be made right. Whether higher CO2 levels make these tasks easier I will leave to your dim remembrances of high school science. Yet it cannot be denied that making the brown hills green and creating waterfalls where there were none, is a very good way of interning a lot of CO2 that is out there. So were I not amongst fanatics, and people who cannot ever be appeased, then there is a great deal that we should be able to agree on.

    And yet somehow we cannot agree. So its back to reality: I’m okay. You are NOT okay.

  8. Yes and you never got to your point last time either J-D. What is your point? I bet you have a big fat moon face. I bet even your head never gets to the point. You extremist loony toons have all sorts of psychological tricks you play on yourselves to maintain your extremist loony toon ideas.

    Like any extremist loony toons you cannot be dealt, reasoned or collaborated with. Without fail you choose goals that are unattainable, unreasonable and plainly idiotic. And when you do two drooling retard posts in a row, and you cannot explain why, then the reason is the maintenance of your extremist loony-toon bubble-world.

    You are an idiot. You are barely human mate. All your posts are just ridiculous. Like a kid on the dot-mom, you are not living in the real world. You must have one of Graebar’s BS jobs. Probably working from a desk in Tel-Aviv. On the minding-foreign-intellectuals desk.

    Is there something you know that I don’t about the cryptocracy?

  9. “The world will move inexorably towards a state where all carbon emissions are taxed. This is the objective too of the “production base” carbon tax supporters but they have no credible means of achieving it.”

    I like Harry’s posts. Really I do. But this one is as back to front as anything could be. For starters when we talk about carbon emissions its really only coal we can do much about. Oil from traditional wells have plateaued and will trend down. Oil from non-traditional sources ought to have been a niche operation, but bank bailouts lead to banker incompetence. The shale oil story is a banker incompetence story. Its a financial play and it can only go on at any large level as long as the bailouts continue. So bank subsidies are an energy sink and release huge gobs of CO2. They are unacceptable on any grounds.

    Natural gas is natural. If you throw a tax on that everyone will clandestinely burn it off at source. It should be consumed near source because its not cost-effective to transport. But do we really want people wasting it?

    With the depletion of oil we can simply grind out more congestion and gasoline taxes. It can be justified on the grounds of creating an artificial cost crisis ahead of a real one developing. That way we get the tax revenues and the adaptation ahead of the real crisis. Neither of which we will get if we wait for the real crisis.

    So the only serious thing we can do on the CO2 supply side is to do with coal. There is nothing more simple in the world than to boost royalties for the benefit of the governments in that geographical location. But what is this alternative that Harry reckons is more practical? Where is the money going? To the bankers? The same ones that created the horrific shale oil mess?

    The people you are listening too have feet of clay. You’ve been in economics for decades. Mankiw? He’s just a text-book writer. Nothing good ever comes out of Harvard. You know that. And Greenspan? That fellow is so old now and he’s a proven loser in the second half of his tenure. He’s yesterdays man. For all we know he might be as demented as Biden by now. His last competent work was done in an earlier millennium. Not sure which millennium but it was in an earlier one.

    Extra gasoline tax, congestion tax and coal royalties handles it all on the CO2 supply side. Can we not ever do anything anymore in a simple, logical and low-cost fashion? Mankiw was affecting to be part of the Pigou club last time I checked him out. What happened to that? Now he wants to bleed the world dry with a disastrous international customs scam? Run by whom? Bankers? The most empirically proven failures the world has yet seen?

    You were a better economist than these show-ponies are now. Forget about these people. They have feet of clay. Is there a patriotic way to justify reduced coal exports? You bet there is and patriotism is the only way, to manage such a slowdown, and even make a gain from it.

  10. You are an idiot.

    If that’s what you think, I guess you don’t really want me to answer your questions.

  11. You couldn’t give me a sane answer if you were forced to by big men with blow torches. You were just trying to maintain your bubble world. Anything that shakes up the extremists bubble world; Out come all the techniques to keep in place their three monkeys act.

    For example have you ever engaged in a discussion to do with energy efficiency in terms of anti-sprawl? In terms of settlement policy? I wouldn’t think so. Because every one of you guys is like Captain Ahab: Going after your treasonous internationalist wacko schemes, not caring about the fait of the ship, when a few simple local measures will do the job in a revenue positive way. Arch-crazies after a big white whale far from home, when there is a perfectly good grey whale run ashore at Cape Cod.

  12. My beloved Yugoslavia. Tragically born between to poisons. Forced to chose between the heroin like addiction of hydrocarbons to be competitive in a militaristic world of consumerism, or to be consumed by the sharks that dominate the world of militarism and consumerism.
    If anyone should want an example of how humanity should have lived after 1918 one need look no further than the Hutterites and the Mennonites, not to be confused with the Marrionites. It was not actually neccessary to be Amish.
    Humanity could have had a world of first class medical care. Humaity could have had a basic train infrastructure to move resources when neccessary from one region to another to combat famine from crop failures or or storms. Humanity could have had an election education system that taught first rate mechancial and structural engineering, and even electrical engineering to be able to maintain the grid that ran the basic rail network and an electrical network to supply hospitals, and community centers that would have been equiped with telegraph or maybe even telephone service, film watching devices of some sort, and maybe even community refigorators and deep freezers as well. Humanity could have had some level of international trade in which those bringing olives from Europe to India and Cinnamon from India to Europe did not have to climb 20 meters in to sailing ship rigging on rough seas to deliver the goods. People in Costa Rica would have had a Bananna a day and an Apple twice a year, where as for those in Germany it would have been just the opposite. And people would have been more than happy with that because their expecations would not have been raised to unreasonable levels if we had lived like the Hutterites and Mennonites.
    There would have been regionally produced Miss Marple movies, and locally produced plays of Little House on the Prarie or the Waltons on the stage every night at the community center. There would have been a pub in every community center serving beer and tea and coffee and hot coccoa in every community in which people could have played cards and backgammon and chess. Stronger alchoholic drinks would not have been sold and there would have been a two drink limit not only on the beer but on the coffee and coccoa as well.
    No one would argue about whether or not tobacco or marijunna should be legalized because there would have been no demand for either product as humans would not have suffered from the alientation of mass production and the many othter assorted dishonest bullshit jobs that spring in to existence so that people can put food on their families tables.
    But by the early part of the 20th century the leaderships of humanity had lived off of imperialsm of one sort or another for somewhere between 4,000 and 40,000 years. The leaders that made the important decisions were not about to change course just because, dynomite, the machine gun and mustard gas suddenly made s policy of imperialism more difficult to manage. Even the atomic bomb would not cause them to change course.
    Am I to blame for all of this because I did not join a Hutterite community in 2003 when my understanding of the reality underwent a profound shift? I await your judgement.

  13. I guess that I betrayed my class origins by accidently banning wine. I did not mean to do that. But wine (and Champaign) should be limited to one glass per day except on special occasions, then two.
    And I decided that I can issue a reprieve for hard liquor as well. Jusr as wine can be mixed with juice make a Sangria, or wine cooler, so it should be allowed to sell tequilla,rum, whisky and vodka, when it has been mixed with other non alcohohoholic beverages to dilute the levels of alcohol to levels similar to beer or wine. And it can only be sold through a government owned liquor store. I am serious about that. Alcohol is overall a force for evil in the world. It consumption has to be regulated by the state on behalf of society.
    Look if we live like the Hutterites then everything would be owned collectively anyways. So making someone in the Hutterite Kibutz responsible for monitoring everyone’s alcohol consumption would be a no brainer. The code word is temperance not prohibition. The same with gambling. Thouhg people who gamble with cards and dice show their stupidity every time they do so.
    Now someone might object to my comments saying that Hutterite communities are agricultural how are we going to have a rail system, or even a large number of bicycles if there is no aluminum industry or rubber industry? Well the clear solution is that each community in addition to being an agricultural kibbutz is going to have to have an industrial work shop.
    Of course then state agencies which employ Hutterites who have been educated in stoic, platonic, daosit, confucianist morals; tempered by the philosophies of Buddha, Mohammad, Thomas Paine, and Karl Marx, where appropriate; and then trained in many different facets of engineering to MIT standards; will then be responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Hutterite KibutzIi in to an effect mechanism for meeting the NEEDS of the population as defined by THE STATE not those who are citizens of the state or residents in the territory controled by the state.
    Ok more precisely the needs of those in a society will be defined by people who have achieved positions of the authority to make such decisions on behalf of the societies that they serve through a cleverly crafted institutional framework designed to balance the power of competing factions so that large factions can not crush the effectiveness of small factions without incuring painful costs or significant risks. And so that small factions can not sabotage or disrupt the effectiveness of the large factions without incuring signifincant oosts or risks.

  14. Hold on there, I am not done yet. Getting back to the rail networks. If there primary function is to serve as an insurance policy against disaster the capabilities of this network will often sit idle.
    Therefore, and this might be an example of mission creep, why not use the rail lines when they are unneeded for disaster relief or for the everyday movement of freight from point A to point B, be used to move Pilgrims to pilgramage sites in Jeruselem, Mecca, Santiago de Compestela, Nizhny Novograd, Wittemberg, Thetford, Trier, Najaf, Bodh Gaya, Dunhuang City and Agra, to say nothing of the western hemisphere. Then a second set of natural pilgrimages could also be sustained to places like Victoria Falls, the Verdon George, Mount Elbrus, and Lake Van.

  15. wow and some people say that our expirience is not scripted.
    Well everyone should know that there is no culture without agraculture.
    And the Taj Mal is the planetary architectural symbol of love. It is located near the city of Agra. How appropriate. In fact to appropriate to be just a historical coincidence.
    But wait says the fact checker. The art and science of growing food is spelled AGRICULTURE NOT AGRACULTURE. Therefore you are creating a false coincidence.
    Bull hits, most english speakers spell the word with an I. But they spell the word wrong. The Englsh speaking Gods, or the simulation administrators, spell it with an A.
    Therefore the example holds water.

  16. Akarog “We used to call radios wireless but in this case it’s screw loose.”

    It is just a bug.

    “Moth in the machine: Debugging the origins of ‘bug’
    Did Grace Hopper really invent the term ‘bug’ to describe software errors?”

    “Thomas Edison used the word. Here’s an extract of a letter he wrote in 1878 to Theodore Puskas

    “Like gremlins in machinery, system bugs are malicious. Anyone who spends time trying to get all the faults out of a system knows how it feels: After a few hours of debugging, any problems that remain are hellspawn, mocking attempts to get rid of them with a devilish glee.

    And that’s the real origin of the term “bug.” But we think the tale of the moth in the relay is worth retelling anyway.”

    This bug for JQ has turned into “hellspawn, mocking attempts to get rid of them with a devilish glee”.

  17. KT2 I’m pretty sure this quote is spurious. “Gremlin” is RAF slang, dating back to the 1920s, and the use of terms like hellspawn in this context only became commonplace recently (contemporaneous with Buffy the Vampire Slayer) But the moth story is also wrong – there was indeed an a literal bug, which was notable precisely because the metaphorical term was already in use

  18. Oops. I could not find in Yale yr book 2006 yet posted as you seem to have a hellspawn sockpuppet. Sandpit only.

    2 sources. IEEE has links detail and ‘The Bug”.

    “This Is Where The Term ‘Computer Bug’ Came From

    …”The first time the term bug was used with regards to an error came from Thomas Edison. In a letter in 1878 to an associate, he said, “You were partly correct, I did find a ‘bug’ in my apparatus, but it was not in the telephone proper. It was of the genus ‘callbellum.’ The insect appears to find conditions for its existence in all call apparatus of telephones.” This was about his attempt to develop a quadruplex telegraph system to transmit and receive up to four separate telegrams on a single wire. He termed this system a ‘bug trap.’ He used this term extensively in his later writings, and a biography published later also used the word ‘bug’ many times in his notebooks. The same year he wrote to Theodore Puskas and said, “It has been just so in all of my inventions. The first step is an intuition and comes with a burst, then difficulties arise—this thing gives out and [it is] then that “Bugs”—as such little faults and difficulties are called—show themselves and months of intense watching, study and labor are requisite before commercial success or failure is certainly reached.”

    “It wasn’t Grace herself but her team of engineers who found the insect and noted its presence in the Mark II’s logbook. The engineers included William Bill Burke as well. Bill and his colleagues were well versed in the meaning of the term and Hopper took great pleasure in recalling the whole story.”

    And IEEE with links and images.

    “News of Edison’s quadruplex also encouraged German speakers to adopt the terms “bug” and “bug trap” in translation. Karl Zetzsche explained in his 1890 Handbuch der Electrischen Telegraphie (Handbook of Electrical Telegraphy) that Edison used “neutralen und einem polarisirten Relais in Brückenschaltung und mit Wanzenfalle in Thätigkeit,” or “neutral and polarized relays in a bridge circuit with a bug trap during action.” Three years later, Dinglers Polytechnisches Journal also referred to “Edison’s Wanzen Falle (bug trap).”

    “Grace Hopper did not invent the bug, but she did draw cartoons of gremlins that represented chads, or fragments, created when holes are made in her computer’s punched paper tapes. Like Edison, she was recalling the word’s older origins in the Welsh bwg, the Scottish bogill or bogle, the German bögge, and the Middle English bugge: the hobgoblins of pre-modern life, resurrected in the 19th century as, to paraphrase philosopher Gilbert Ryle, ghosts in the machine. Bugs are not only for today’s computers or software; for more than 100 years, they have represented the challenges of an imperfect world that engineers work to overcome.”

  19. Still working on “callbellum”.

    Any clues anyone?

    Seems like the web thinks it was only Edison who ever used the word.

    Wikip has an article in german entitled;
    Misconduct in computer programs”
    … but fun as it was doing this my time won’t stretch to solving why Edison used ‘callbellum’.

    Next week, IF school goes back.

  20. Curt I don’t think you’d feel the need to be so extreme or authoritarian if we got a few things right. You’ve seen people trying to have an integration between permaculture and new urbanism right? But suppose you take it further and integrate canal freight transport with the other two. Then you integrate dirigibles transport with these three other elements. The natural world would only get better and energy requirements would be pretty minimal.

    If its national policy to max out the land with water retention features, once the system is very matured, what is now a small town river might be convertible to a canal, seeing as so much more water would be available. You wouldn’t want to join the Hutterites or anything, if that setup were pursued to saturation.

    Our future King has been pursuing the new urbanist side of this story. His little town of Poundbury is a great step forward. The electricity is generated by bio-methane. This may be an energy sink. I don’t think it is. But with permaculture it definitely wouldn’t be an energy sink, because you have so much waste wood in a good permaculture scenario..

  21. CRS,
    I have one bone to pick with the plan of integrating canals and rivers in to the transportation system.
    Outside of large rivers, small rivers and canals reqire dredging to maintain a shipping channel as the channel silts up over time. Dredging is damaging to the environment.
    In some cases it might be a logical thing to do, damage the environment of a river bed, to be able to achieve an important transportation route. But I personally would want to see that as the exception to the rule, not the rule itself.
    Also as a point of clarification of my own comments above I would wonder if the rail lines would have to be constructed of different materials. Materials that may not be as robust but are more renewable. That means that the 300 kilometers per hour speeds of current trains would no longer be feasable.
    Humanity may have to settle on 80 kilomter per hour maximum speeds with more like 60 or 50 being the average.
    Anyways I find it rather funny that we live in a world in which the people running it were up until a few months ago planning on building more airports and more aircraft and more cruiseships, and more weapons, and more cars including SUVS, and sell more beef, as if the real problems of the world are going to solve themselves with no human intervention (or thinking). In fact those in charge think that electric cars, and ethanol, are part of a responsible response to the real problems that humanity is actually faced with.
    If humanity could turn all of that waste CO2 in the atmosphere in to black soil humanity could live in a garden of eden. Sadly I do not think that our successors, the octopuses, will be able to make much use of all of that black soil.
    The world needs leaders who will start work on the transition projects outlined in the John Quiggen Report and the Feral Scholar Study immeditately. Scientifically speaking it is to late to save humanity.
    But artiistically speaking a faction of Simulation Administrators, lead by Athena, Aphroditie, and Cupid, might be able to pull off a miraculous twist that will save us, this time, if we deserve it.
    Although I doubt that we deserve it I guess I hope that we are given a reprieve because my observations of what appear to me to be sentient beings, though they may not be, inicates that they would rather live than die. Even the poorest of the poor cling and fight for life rather than commit suicide while beng confronted with a continued existence under barbaric conditions. A small percentage take their own life. But this is just as often the result of a psycological despair even deeper than the dispare over physical living conditions.
    So, a toast ot a hail mary victory for humanity.

  22. I found the link below rather interesting. I have no idea whether or not I would support this project if it were something that I had a a say in. But the prospect reminds me of something that I think that I wanted to write about one other time.
    That is opportunity costs. t would seem to me that when I start comparing what a society could do with 25 billion Euros or Dollars or Yen the different ways that the money could be spent would be almost limitless. The number of relevent ways that the money could be spent might be much smaller. But if one starts with a big number and divides it by ten or maybe even by 100 one could still have a very big number left over.
    Does anyone wish to complement on the implications of the large number of possible ways to direct societies resources?

  23. I do not understand how anyone in their right mind could argue against multiculturalism. The benifit of being able to choose between a Pizza, a Döner Kebob, a Schnitzel, Gulasch, a Taco, Couscous, or Fried Rice seems pretty darn exciting compared to the boring drawback of Borscht only. OK people who make Borscht can learn to make those other things without neccissarily living next door to them.
    But the imitation will lack the perfection of the geniuine article.
    That is why some people in Eastern Europe, particularily in Poland, and in Russia, need to be taught a lesson about the limits of cultural nationalism. At the other extreme not all aspects of other people’s cultural needs to be respected. If we hold our own cutlure up to whithering criticism we should be allowed to do the same to other cultures. But we have to be prepared to reverse course when we do so because our understanding of the whys of the rules of other cultures may not be as well informed as they are with one’s native culture.
    I as of yet have not heard any good reason why other cultures do not institute term limits. This policy must be the result of an ubsurd international conspiracy.

  24. “Outside of large rivers, small rivers and canals reqire dredging to maintain a shipping channel as the channel silts up over time. Dredging is damaging to the environment.”

    But what I’m talking about is a much more lengthy process. Wherein the canal is fashioned from what would have once been just a town creek. But the water retention features and the permaculture polices allow for so much more water that eventually trompes, mini hydro-power, wood related energy, and canals become doable. We are not talking about debauching an established river to make a canal in this scenario.

    But I don’t know whether dredging is destroying habitat. Maybe in some cases. But not necessarily in all cases if enhancing ecologies is the intention. You should be able to find out how to dredge in such a way that its enhancing river life. What we are doing here is increasing the size and scope of the river. That might not produce a more robust ecology automatically. But it might allow for a more bounteous ecology, at the very least, if this is the intention.

  25. What is it about this site that everyone just assumes that Biden can wipe his own butt? Everyone talks as if he’s a viable Democratic contender. He’s not. He should be home being attended to by medical staff. I don’t know if you can reverse dementia with deuterium depleted water, coconut oil, lions mane mushroom and so forth. I don’t know if you can reverse dementia. But in order to do so it would be a full time effort. Not a sideline to being President.

    The DNC vandalised the potential momentum of every viable candidate. The oligarchy must have been happier without a viable candidate. So they have rigged the votes and the competition to favour someone who cannot function in any job at all. They are laughing at us. Yet every single one of you is acting like there is nothing suspicious going on.

    I mean the bigshots are rubbing your noses in this fellows dementia. And it doesn’t help a great deal that Trump is also too old to be President. You are having your noses rubbed in the oligarchies interventions. And its all “Nothing to see here.”

  26. CRS,
    Ok, if anyone that I have any influence with ever takes the reins of government anywhere I will try to get them to present your proposal to a group of structural engineers to validate its feasabilty.
    One amendment that I would like to add to the proposal is that barge traffic not be conducted the way it is currently. Currenly a barge from Rotterdam might travel all the way to the Black Sea with one crew.
    I think that barage traffic has to be organized in such a way that the crews never travel more than 12 hours round trip. That change would make family life for the barage crews much more practical.

  27. CRS,
    I was about to do some house cleaning. But your comment at 9:02pm inspired me to write another comment.
    In early January of this year the German government offered to mediate the different conflcts that were ragging or about to be ragging in the Middle East. But no one took them up on thier offer. I say good. What has Germany done to prove that it is an unbaised party able to mediate or arbitrat any of the conflicts that have been left unresolved in the region for decades, getting on close to a century now?
    There is a legitimate provider of such services IN Germany. But this provider does not work for the German government. I have the current phone number of this service provider if the leadership of the US government wants to make an honest good faith effort bring peace and justice to the world.

  28. What is it about this site that everyone just assumes that Biden can wipe his own butt? Everyone talks as if he’s a viable Democratic contender. He’s not.

    Number of recent comments on this site attributing any positive qualities to Joe Biden: 0

  29. Reposted from a different Page:
    “Good” socialism is not democratic. “Good” Socialism is not totalitarian either. “Good” Socialism is elitist. “Good” socialism is welcoming to all as well. Good socialists pull from the front. Good socialists push from the back. Much of the time Good socialists support from the side.

    That sound bite was inspired by Idries Shah.

    Note: Do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good. Someone else said that before me too.

  30. Do I exist in the…………Twilight Zone? Do Australians know what that is? Do Australians exist somewhere else? In the Twilight Zone the line between real and unreal is not distinct but blurry.
    Do I have any credibility that I need to fear losing by sending out such a bizzare message that anyone who is (un)lucky enough can read? The comment is not encrypted.


    “From my own (medical) perspective — widely shared by my colleagues — suppression cannot win. Coexisting with COVID-19 means lives lost, repeated lockdown and gripping uncertainty, which will take a giant toll on our collective mental health and undermine the confidence necessary for economic recovery. Suppression has failed because it underestimates this virus, it overestimates our ability to control it, and it fundamentally misunderstands human nature.” – Doctor Aaron Bloch.

    If we don’t go into total lock-down and effectively eradicate this virus in Australia, we will have a disaster in this country equal to the ongoing disaster in the USA. The mortality rate and sequelae (donwstream) health effects on the elderly, those with medical preconditions and to frontline staff in essential services from medicine to retail checkout operators, will be TOTALLY unacceptable. The economics costs of repeated lock-downs or letting it rip through pandemic exhuastion will also be TOTALLY unacceptable. We are at a very dangerous juncture. Scott Morrison is about to execute his second massive fail in his Prime Minister-ship.

    How will we go with COVID-19 and bush fires both running rampant this coming summer? This is quite possible. Evacuation centers will all be totally unusable for fear of generating very large COVID-19 clusters. What then? What are our national plans for that eventuality?

  32. “Number of recent comments on this site attributing any positive qualities to Joe Biden: 0”

    Positive qualities? I didn’t mention positive qualities either. The issue we are talking about is advanced dementia. Someone wants to run the Presidency along the lines of the movie “A Weekend At Bernies.” The rich guys must have found that they like puppet Presidents so much, that they want a President without a functioning brain.

    Yet people are trying to read what is going on in the mind of Biden. They think they can see this or that carbon pricing racket going on in this mind. They think they can speak for Biden over the next few years. There is almost nothing going on in the mind of Biden since he has advanced dementia. This was known to the people who placed him in this position.

    These are people who have a way of laughing at us and rubbing our noses in their power. They can give Castro’s boy the top job in Canada. They can aspire to put the Goldman Sachs-bot Turnbull into the top job, back when he had no standing in any party. Its important that people know what is going on around them. We have generations of Australians who can witness a mentally handicapped man being engineered into frontrunner position, and this outrage barely seems to raise an eyebrow in some circles.

    Now they are talking about a Presidential campaign without any debates between the frontrunners. Nothing to see here right? Nothing suspicious going on?

  33. “If we don’t go into total lock-down and effectively eradicate this virus in Australia, we will have a disaster in this country equal to the ongoing disaster in the USA.”

    Thats not really an option is it? Unless you think those things money buys falls from the sky or something. Or that the act of governments borrowing money creates these goods. Or that we don’t have to pay that money back somehow, after getting it with no benefit for ourselves since borrowing doesn’t create the goods. In the real world apart from Keynesian misinformation this borrowing creates nothing new. It just destroys. Its all downside from day one.

    We could find the resources for another lockdown, if we were to end fractional reserve banking and close down government bureaucracies by the bakers dozen. We could get the resources that way. I don’t see you jumping on board that idea even if you were stepping over dead bodies every day. Anything but follow sound economic practice. Take the money supply creation benefit away from the banks and give it to the treasury. Get rid of BS jobs in government and give them cheap welfare instead. Simple stuff that won’t be supported even in a pandemic.

    What isn’t being talked about is treatment. Anything that actually works is being demonised or isn’t talked about at all. When was the last time you were advised to load up on fat soluble vitamins in order to prepare for this virus? Will your doctor give you a prescription of HCQ to put in your fridge for the next time you get a sore throat? No I think the doctor will be actively forbidden to do so. A bioweapon attack is pretty useless if the people are able to have an antidote for it.

  34. Joe Biden has one distinctive positive quality, he is not Donald Trump. A couple of hundred thousand unecesssary death too late, that will be enough for a landslide victory.

  35. Yet people are trying to read what is going on in the mind of Biden.

    Number of recent comments on this site in which people tried to read what is going on in the mind of Joe Biden: 0.

  36. Classic Radio Stories, I’m intrigued by your little aside about Trudeaux. Could you tell me more about how he is Castro’s top boy?

  37. I should have known that I was visiting a leftist site and therefore we’d have these rather unsavoury gay insinuations getting about. Trudeaux’s mother had an affair with Fidel Castro. The Prime Minister is the result. Everyone outside of this insular bubble knows it.

  38. Top boy? Did you really have to go there? Kids read this blog you know. No the Prime Minister is the son of Castro.

  39. “Water is a precious resource and especially so in Australia, which is the most arid populated continent on earth. [1] The growing of gardens and lawns in that context has to be looked at very carefully. All water used to grow plants which are solely of aesthetic or hobby value is and will be a luxury we cannot afford.”

    Its not as if these people export the water to Mars??? Water isn’t a scare resource at all. It covers most of the globe and gets purified daily and automatically. Lefties not signing on to encourage swales, ponds terraces and dams, but instead they want to deprive people of having a garden. The thinking process must involve showing the world the whites of their eyes and just focusing in on themselves. There is a real science to water retention landscapes. And its not about indulging every whimsical little-Hitler instincts one might have.

  40. Snopes? You’ve got to be kidding me. Snopes? You are serious aren’t you? Who owns Snopes? Who contributes to it? Its a paid misinformation site. Or do you see it as a charity? Which fairy tales do you NOT believe? What do you think the business model for Snopes is?

    “The Trudeaus first encountered Castro in person when they travelled to Cuba in 1976,”

    Well we know for a fact that this is not the case. The empirical evidence is out there for everyone to see. Whereas the long-term affair is very well known, the start date of any adult relationship is not something that people broadcast to everyone. These are sensitive matters.

    Snopes? And the expectation that you would be the first to know? Did you expect Mrs Trudeau to come around to your place for a cup of tea and just confess this sort of thing?

    And what makes you think that Castro was in Cuba all that time? Were you there? Did you follow him around? People are placed in power for the most part. If his sponsors allowed for it he could have been popping up all over the world putting cuckoo babies about.

  41. Sorry Classic Radio Stories, i misremembered your sentence and was misunderstanding it as Trudeaux being Castro’s top spy (so “top boy” like “best agent”). I didn’t realize you meant he was Castro’s son. No innuendo intended. How did that happen!? Where did you hear about it?

  42. I saw the pictures. I think it happened in the usual way. Don’t you? What else do I need to explain to you lefties? But even if you go to wikipedia the opportunities are obvious: I’m an egalitarian. Not a lefty. So I don’t need to be educated about how these things happen. The girl was 30 years younger. Thats a hazard right there. Its like I’m talking to people who don’t know how to deliver a punch line to a joke.

    “In 1971, the Trudeaus took a second honeymoon in the Caribbean to Barbados and an unidentified nearby island[19] then Tobago, then to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (including both Bequia and St. Vincent) with Pierre taking a side-trip to Trinidad while Margaret stayed in Tobago.[20]”

    Going to unnamed islands that may well be Cuba, and leaving a young wife all alone in Tobago…….. These are kind of inherently dangerous activities. And if a Prime Minister cannot fiddle a bit with a birth certificate then no-one can.

    And thats just opportunities that you get from looking at Wiki. In the real world the opportunities would be far more numerous. The excuse-making in the Scopes story is unbelievable. When you go to Scopes the idea is not to leave your brain behind.

  43. Classic Radio Stories, did I just go from being someone who would make a nasty sex joke to someone who doesn’t understand how babies are made? That was a sudden loss of prestige! When I asked how it happened I wanted to know the details of how a Canadian was in Cuba, etc. so thanks for providing them. So Elder Trudeau went to Barbados in 1971, then to a nearby island, then Tobago, st vincent and the Grenadines, and Margaret stayed in Tobago. There’s a problem here though … Cuba isn’t a nearby island to Barbados. How do we know they didn’t visit the Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico? Why assume Cuba, which is furthest away? That’s not usually how people plan their holidays. Also how did they meet Castro when they were secretly in Cuba, why did they go there secretly, and how come Elder Trudeau let this little shenanigan go on? Was he on Epstein’s island when it happened? Is there any other evidence that they were in the same place?

    Also, I inferred from your original comment that Trudeau the Younger, Our Tattooed Hero, was groomed somehow for a treacherous role in the Canadian government. But impregnating a young Canadian girl and then leaving it at that is not really “They can give Castro’s boy the top job in Canada” is it? I mean, sure, Our Bearded Wonder is Castro’s illegitimate son but that doesn’t mean that “they” gave him the job in some despicable scheme, surely? Shouldn’t bastards be allowed to run for PM, just like everyone else? Or do you think that the job should be reserved for the landed gentry? Or are you saying that actually the boy wasn’t left untended by the Cuban government, and they were secretly involved in raising him? Is he a Cuban plant?

  44. “When I asked how it happened I wanted to know the details of how a Canadian was in Cuba, etc.”

    It doesn’t have to be in Cuba. It doesn’t have to be “in a nearby island” either. “in a nearby island” simply means that Pierre went somewhere that he didn’t want to say. So we already know that Pierre went somewhere secret. If he wants it to be a secret then its probably not nearby.

    “I mean, sure, Our Bearded Wonder is Castro’s illegitimate son but that doesn’t mean that “they” gave him the job in some despicable scheme, surely?”

    It means exactly that. If you have any idea of how probability works. And its not the first person that powerful people have placed in the allegedly top jobs. But now they’ve put a man with dementia in as the Democratic frontrunner. A while back they were placing Goldman Sachs people everywhere. But if you don’t see that and if you believe Snopes then its all “nothing to see here.”

  45. “despicable scheme” There is a lot of smoke blowing and gas lighting that goes on in a way that doesn’t allow for much in the way of a conceivable motive. But I take the gas lighting to be pretty despicable. I mean thats a strange sense of humour that these people have.

    “Is he a Cuban plant?”

    No you are not getting it. At the level I’m talking about the cold war was a lot of fakery. Its not Cuba versus America or Cuba versus Canada or America versus China. Its the oligarchy versus the human species.

  46. Thank you Classic Radio Stories. Wow! So you’re saying that not only did Castro get Trudeaux’s wife pregnant (did she enjoy it? I mean, was it an accident of history, or was that part planned? Was her husband in on it?) but they then raised the son to be a Cuban agent? So it wasn’t just “oops, our leader is the illegitimate son of another leader” but an actual long scheme?

    What is the goal of The Boxing Wonder being a Cuban plant? I mean, it’s great that he completely dominated Trump’s handshake, but does it go further? What’s he supposed to do there? No offense, but Canada’s not very important. What’s the scheme?

  47. Clearly you are a lunatic and a person of low IQ. Amazingly stupid questions you ask. Unlike yourself and Snopes I don’t consider that I have the gift of second site. I’m not in a position to get inside a young girls head through some sort of time machine mechanism. The evidence is there for all to see, as is the evidence that Democracies can be totally controlled and careers can easily be accelerated.

    The Castro diversion was just mentioned in passing, because the left is so stupid you can make a person with advanced dementia a front-runner and morons like you don’t think anything is amiss.

    You’ve allowed yourself to get right off track here with Castro, in order to stay in your bubble and deny the elder abuse going on right before your eyes.

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