How can we reduce inequality in Australia

Late last year, along with Emma Dawson, John Hewson and Angela Jackson, I took part in a discussion for the ABC’s Big Ideas program, hosted by Paul Barclay. It went to air recently. Here’s a link to the podcast[1]

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time/ patience to listen to audio. I also don’t like the sound of my voice on radio – this is true for many people I think. It would be great to have a program that took an audio file and generated text output. A very quick search mostly turned up paid transcription services. Does anyone have any experience with this.

fn1. Is a recording of a radio program a podcast? Can anyone clarify this.

6 thoughts on “How can we reduce inequality in Australia

  1. John – Nicholas Gruen has used a transcription service for some things he’s done – you’ll find the names in some of his pieces at Club Troppo

  2. Podcasts are audio files downloaded on the demand of the receiver whereas broadcasts are transmitted at a time chosen by the broadcaster.

    Podcasts are prerecorded as are many broadcasts.

    Podcasts have changed the way in which radio programs can be accessed.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking to the podcast, JQ.

    If the ideas presented by the three named economists on the linked podcast were to be implemented then, I believe, a major step toward reducing inequality (of wealth, income and opportunity) would be achieved. I found the discussions quite encouraging; eg John Hewson arguing for public housing and against the stage 3 tax cuts; several points of agreement between him and John Quiggin and all three of them agreeing on the importance of publicly funded education (early childhood, academic and vocational). While Angela Jackson stressed the importance of economic growth, John Quiggin put the limitation of the statistic GDP into perspective.

    I also found interesting the discussion about Australia’s response to the pandemic in comparison to say the USA and the UK. The notion of egalitarianism in Australia seems to be deep in the Australian culture, even though it is sometimes lost in public discussions but shows up when the chips are down.

    There was a fourth person interviewed, whose name I failed to take note, who focused on human rights. Apparently, the idea of including basic economic security for each individual, such as food and housing, in the definition of human right had been on the agenda approximately 100 years ago but was lost from sight during the cold war. It is re-emerging now.

  4. I think one’s own voice always sounds strange when heard back, at least that was my experience as a political candidate and more recently on Australian Story. And I’m finding that my voice is deteriorating as I age. Training from a drama teacher or speech pathologist would help but who has the time or the money for that? I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast, Quiggin and Hewson together!

  5. Ernestine, “such as food and housing, in the definition of human right” needs the words ‘duty of care” in the Constitution. Then our human rights have some acrionable and accountable purchase above politics.

    Politics trumps reducing inequality.

    Give Labor a rod so they stop flip flopping on negative gearing. Looks like the ipa will be smiling.

    “Labor to dump Bill Shorten’s negative gearing and capital gains policies

    “One member of the shadow cabinet said: “The key is Albanese and he’s in the ‘dump’ category. For the amount of money it raises versus the political pain, it’s just not worth it”.”

  6. Its good to hear different possibilities being discussed in the almost mainstream media. I am very sick of rightists telling me I need to expose myself to a wider range of ideas .They have no idea how far right the ‘center’ is now . The range of possibilities should define the spectrum ,it should not be defined by just the range of possibilities currently allowed to be named in polite company .The most uninformed person is intimately acquainted with far right dogma ,who could possibly be unaware of the logic of offshore detention or of punishing the unemployed or the unions ? Yet how many know of MMT, UBI ,or living wage ?
    Yes ones voice does always sound strange when replayed but also JQ has a quite distinctive sounding voice .Not a bad thing. Not a typical radio or TV voice .

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