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  1. Thanks JQ.

    The article below is almost a word for word, party, stance and context, carbon copy of Australia.

    And Tim Buckley gets a mention in Canada.

    “How a public uprising caused a province built on fossil fuels to reverse course on coal mining

    “Country music stars, conservationists and tens of thousands of Albertans came together to roll back plans for mountaintop-removal mining in the Rockies

    “Last May — on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend — Alberta’s United Conservative Party government quietly announced it was rescinding a policy that dated back to 1976.

    “The coal policy, it said, was “no longer required.” The government did not anticipate how the quiet rescission of a decades-old policy could ignite the passion of Albertans.

    Coal is coal.
    “In Australia, itself a coal-rich country, metallurgical coal producers have seen significant headwinds recently. “The financial markets are no longer really differentiating between [metallurgical] coal and thermal coal,” Tim Buckley, an energy markets expert at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, told The Guardian in December.

    “The paper reported there are “growing signals the industry is heading into its final bust cycle.”

    “According to Blake Shaffer, assistant professor of economics at the University of Calgary, the Alberta government failed to take into account the myriad values of Albertans when it rescinded the coal policy.”…


  2. Keeping in mind the above article, a simple idea / request. And like Foch, it is not new.

    Coordinating & posting the same #tags at the same time….
    “Hashtags like #MountainsNotMines and #WaterNotCoal”
    … would;
    – bolster support,
    – engender network effects
    – be verifiable
    – petition worthy and
    – allows for easy and visible poll
    – + luck, fate, & serendipity

    Simple. Effective. And Data.

    JQ, I know you are busy, yet an email between you, Tim B, & Blake Shaffer, and news outlets may see instant agreement. Especially this week due to faceboo face plant.

    Un / fortunately, twitter is the choke point and facilitator.

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