4 thoughts on “Introduction:Economic Consequences of the Pandemic

  1. JQ, you say:

    “Much of the resistance to control measures was due to claims that lockdowns and other restrictions were economically damaging. Undoubtedly, economic activity was reduced by restrictions. But the alternative was not business as usual. Rather, it represented the worst of both worlds: catastrophic loss of life and health from the pandemic, combined with severe economic damage as many, but not all, people took action to reduce their exposure.”

    ICYMI, last night broadcast on ABC TV NSW 7pm News, Alan Kohler presented a graph titled “It’s about the number of deaths: GDP growth year to Dec 2020 vs COVID-19 deaths per million”. Alan Kohler said (from time interval 0:23:42):

    “And as this chart shows, there is a strong inverse correlation between the number of deaths per million of population as a result of COVID-19, and economic growth. Now, it’s true that correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but in this case, it probably does.”

    Following that, Alan Kohler shows a graph showing that Australia’s population growth has collapsed.

  2. Good stuff!

    You wrote the German Empire was founded in 1817. It is my understanding that unification occurred in 1871. I assume that is a typo.

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