Normal service resuming soon

Hi everyone. I haven’t been posting much lately. Partly, there have been minor technical problems. But mostly, I’ve been frantically busy trying to finish the draft MS of Economic Consequences of the Pandemic, and haven’t found time to extract pieces suitable for comment. Normal service should resume soon.

5 thoughts on “Normal service resuming soon

  1. Keep up the good work John. Well at last our little music club will be able to meet on Sunday the 2nd of May. Wisefolk is the name of our music club and made up of older wiser people., except me. I’m going to use a mask (a pretty little green thing) when I sing. This could be a bit of fun. Sonia Bennett.

  2. Stuck writing a book of that magnitude is enough work for most people. It took me fifteen years to write my first economic book. Just go for it, because the world needs truth to combat the economic fiction and fantasy being pedaled as business news in our media outlets.

  3. J.Q., How can you let your own proper and chosen work interfere with answering questions and challenges about economy ontology from cranks like me? You need to get your priorities right! Just joking of course. 🙂

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