2 thoughts on “Hat trick! My newsletter for August

  1. Sorry to hear about your bike crash. I’m recuperating from one myself, luckily no broken bones, but depressingly – enough injuries to keep me off the bike for at least a month. The WFH change makes this less painful.

  2. Domínguez & Quiggin’s new paper;
    “Australia’s Fiscal Space: The Role of Public Investment”
    Begoña Domínguez,
    John Quiggin
    First published: 22 July 2022

    … neatly outlines up to 79% of GDP ‘free lunch’.

    If we retain duopoly and fullfill AUKUS and “Enhanced Cooperation Initiative under the Force Posture Agreement between the U.S. and Australia” (see B2’s in Australia – johnquiggin.com/2022/08/08/monday-message-board-565/comment-page-1/#comment-254743 )

    … JQ’s calculations and ‘free lunch’ will in part be used to justify spending on ‘defence’ and weapons and war.

    Did you think the free bit meant it won’t cost?

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