One thought on “What I’ve been doing and saying

  1. This is where Jacinda Ardern was so much better. She could express empty platitudes is a much nicer, obviously more sincere way. Meanwhile demonstrating that she really cared… about the profits of landlords, the disadvantages investors would suffer if the tax system changed, the terror farmers feel when people start talking about restricting carbon emissions. Like Albo, but smarter and more charismatic? (“but is Australia ready for a female prime minister?”… probably not, they weren’t ready for the last one)

    I am bemused when people say that if the ALP government is in any way different to the Coalition one people will vote Coalition next time. The ALP supporters don’t seem to have noticed the minor parties eating their lunch on the left, or even that the conservative electorates are increasingly valuing socially liberal polices over economically disastrous ones.

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