6 thoughts on “The imitation of Christ

  1. Hmm. For some reason I’m reminded of the emperor Constantine seeing the cross in the sky with the words “in hoc signo vinces”. Wonder if they had skywriters in the 4th century?

  2. John,
    Also at a barbeque tonight and saw the same sign.One of those attending was the signwriters neighbour.
    Your suggestion for an alternative message for Brisbane …..?

  3. If Jesus does indeed save, why hasn’t he stepped forward already. If the entity really exists, I dare say he’s wiped his hands of the lot of us & moved on.

  4. Or as Jethro Tull so memorably put it:

    “Well if Jesus saves,
    he’d better save himself,
    From the gory glory-seekers,
    Who use his name in Death”

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