Blog Problems

OK, this is kind of silly, but bear with me. A couple of people have mentioned that they haven’t been able to reach the blog since the comment spam crisis (thanks again to Textdrive for resolving this!). I’d like to hear from anyone in this position, but obviously this isn’t a great way to reach them. I thought about skywriting, popular here in Brisbane, but it doesn’t seem practical. So if you can read this from one location, but not from others, please email me with info on your setup, browser and so on.

This seems like a good reason to move to WordPress

7 thoughts on “Blog Problems

  1. Is is a browser issue? I don’t normally use IE (I’m a Firefox man), so let’s see if this works.

  2. Hmm … I’ve been reading you fine, too, but just now your main page doesn’t seem to be working. Individual post archives are working fine, though (I got here through the Bloglines link to individual posts). I’m using Firefox.

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