My article in The Economists’ Voice

My article The Unsustainability of U.S. Trade Deficits has just been published in The Economists’ Voice along with a piece on government deficits by Ronald McKinnon. Although relatively new and oriented to a general audience, EV looks like being a high-powered journal, having already published Stiglitz, Posner and Akerlof among others, so I’m pretty pleased to have made it into volume 1. Thanks to everyone here and on Crooked Timber who helped me to sharpen my arguments on this topic.

2 thoughts on “My article in The Economists’ Voice

  1. On the U.S. Trade Deficits, if U.S. net investment income remains positive due to higher rates of return on U.S. direct investment abroad, or does not become a large negative, why would the balance on goods have to turn to surplus? Couldn’t the goods balance decline to a smaller negative and the Current account become sustainable as long as net imports don’t grow faster than U.S. GDP?

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