2 thoughts on “Jonathan Strange Seminar

  1. Alas. I started reading ‘JS & Mr N’ last week and quickly found it precious, twee, self-concious, contrived, over-written and amazingly badly illustrated.

    Here is an epithet that I rarely use and then only for especially extreme cases: this novel is boring.

  2. On the subject of CT seminars: Will the Crooked Timber seminar on Steve Levitt be re-convened in order to submit his “abortion cuts crime” theory to more intensive critical scrutiny? The original seminar gave glaring errors in his work a free pass.

    These errors have now come to the attention of social scientists who are less inclined to take Levitt’s work at face value.

    Isn’t it time that our hardest-headed social scientists were as candid in criticising Levitt’s headline work as a certain juvenile fashion critic once was when criticising his betters out fit?

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