Jonathan Strange Seminar

Henry Farrell at CT has organised another book seminar, this time on Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell. Several CT members (Henry, Maria Farrell, John Holbo, Belle Waring and I) review the book, and the author Susanna Clarke, responds. This is one of the best blogging innovations I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Strange Seminar

  1. Alas. I started reading ‘JS & Mr N’ last week and quickly found it precious, twee, self-concious, contrived, over-written and amazingly badly illustrated.

    Here is an epithet that I rarely use and then only for especially extreme cases: this novel is boring.

  2. On the subject of CT seminars: Will the Crooked Timber seminar on Steve Levitt be re-convened in order to submit his “abortion cuts crime” theory to more intensive critical scrutiny? The original seminar gave glaring errors in his work a free pass.

    These errors have now come to the attention of social scientists who are less inclined to take Levitt’s work at face value.

    Isn’t it time that our hardest-headed social scientists were as candid in criticising Levitt’s headline work as a certain juvenile fashion critic once was when criticising his betters out fit?

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