The government spent $50 million of our money telling us public holidays were Protected by Law (emphasis in original). So how is it a great victory for Barnaby Joyce to get amendments which mean that we can’t be sacked for working on Christmas Day[1]. Not that I’m bagging Joyce, who’s at least doing something. But it just points up the mendacity of the ad barrage to which we’ve been subjected.

fn1. If we’re lucky we may get Good Friday and Anzac Day protected as well.

30 thoughts on “Scrooged

  1. Reading Steve at the Pub makes me realise that class war is only practiced by those who seek more if they are poor and relatively powerless. If you are not poor, and have a lot, complaining about those who have less, and finding ways to take what they have from them, is not class war, it is just sensible and rational economics. I get it now.

  2. Hey I had a serious question – can anyone tell me about the High Court’s involvement (see above)?


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