Just when I thought it was safe to give up …

… on the Bullets, they came out with the kind of form that everyone was predicting at the beginning of the season, crushing the Adelaide 36ers 130-109. And it was a game to watch, with McKinnon scoring some massive slams and an impressive alleyoop (via Rucker), Rucker scoring four three-point shots in succession and Black, Bradtke and Brannen all doing amazing things. If anything the scoreline flattered Adelaide, who scored 37 points in the third quarter but even then did not look at all like a winning team.

If they can keep this up, they’ll be contenders. If not, at least this match means the season wasn’t a total wipeout for me.

5 thoughts on “Just when I thought it was safe to give up …

  1. What happened to basketball? It was really popular for a while, but it seems to have returned to its natural support level.

    I wonder how soccer is going to go – I supect it will be more entrenched.

  2. I’m still a loyal follower of the Rabbitohs, AR, and have never forgiven or forgotten over Super League.

  3. In response to Wilful, I’ve been close to basketball my whole life, and so saw its rise in the early to mid 1990s and its subsequent decline. My view is that the increase in popularity was just a bit of a fad, with the Dream Team in the 1992 Olympics,and Michael Jordan’s dominance in the NBA major contributors. I think the bottom line is that Australia is a small country and just can’t support that many sports. Those times in the 1990s were great for basketball – I remember the Bullets’ crowds would typically top 10,000, whereas they now struggle to get 3-4,000. Sadly, I don’t expect those days to return, so basketball will remain a niche sport in the Australian sporting landscape.

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