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Lots more interesting stuff on the Risk and Sustainable Management Group blog including

Giving ecosystem valuation a bad name.

Wetlands, rivers and floodplains are worth around 20 times the value of agricultural production in the MDB (estimated at around $9 billion). Or 25% of the Australian GDP.$187 billion is clearly an impressive figure, considering the wetlands, rivers and floodplains of the MDB are a small part of the continent. But it is also a very suspicious one.

River Symposium

The River Symposium is underway in Brisbane with the theme ‘Managing rivers with climate change and expanding populations’.

John is making a presentation today (Wednesday) at 1:30 titled ‘Responding to climate change in the Murray Darling Basin’.

Private waste water ?

Reader Chris Dodds has alerted me to this PM&C discussion paper on potential private involvement in waste water. There’s a lot of interesting information, including discussion of issues like the role of third-party access, which is central to the continuing dispute between Sydney Water and Services Sydney, a would-be private entrant.

How best to implement environmental flows

The Australian on Tuesday and Wednesday mention a project just launched to answer the question of how best to use water for environmental purposes. Working out the best way to use the water will help decide how much money is required to purchase water (as a portfolio of water rights) for a given environmental target.

Alternative energy for Australia.

Today the UQ Sustainability Seminar Series, run by the Division of Environmental Engineering, hosted Frank Barram, Managing Director of Integrated Energy Services, on the topic “Applications, benefits and limitations of alternative energy in Australia. An economic perspective�.

Report – Rural Water Use and the Environment: The Role of Market Mechanisms

“They (Environmental Managers) need to enter markets to source water and to access the full range of water and water-related products on the same terms and conditions as other market participants.� XXII

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4 thoughts on “Recently on the RSMG Blog

  1. I see a trend emerging on the RSMG blogs whereby personal favourites are given heavy weightings and others dismissed. Example; wetlands provide valuable services, whereas food growing is surely an indulgence. Example 2; windpower limitations can be solved using er, windpower or something. In the real world the leeway for tradeoffs is limited.

  2. I’m not quite following this, Hermit – I’ve only seen a couple of passing mentions of wetlands for example. But it would be great to discuss this kind of thing further over at RSMG.

  3. JQ

    that’s fair enough but can I make the observation that this blog is ‘neutral territory’. If you venture into an unknown enclave there is the risk of being shouted down. For example I believe that nuclear power is desirable and inevitable. If I say this here some will back me up. If I say it on another blog, perhaps in relation to the limitations of renewable energy, I could be vilified because the host has contrary views. It’s not really then a discussion.

    I’m saying the bigger the blog the more open the arguments. But I will respond to RSMG if my old favourites like the coal industry come up.

  4. I don’t think you’ll get shouted down at RSMG. The aim there is to promote a non-political discussion.

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