8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. One really good thing about 2007,will be that we will see the end of Tony Blaikr!
    That will be greatly to the good..that maniac stare,not to mention the endless lies and pandering to Mad King George.
    Whatever Brown is like in the UK it be be to the good. Roll on the day !

  2. Happy 2007… to the oil companies!

    This lengthy but anonymous article from AAP manages 1000+ words without once mentioning “Iraq”. In one bizarre passage, it suggests that last November’s price drop was caused by anticipation of another Hurricane Katrina, but – inexplicably, given identical forecasts this year – the price drop will not be repeated:

    “2006 was heralded as being a very disastrous hurricane season and it turned out to be very benign. The forecasters are suggesting 2007 will be a terrible hurricane season, but I think this time the market is more likely to wait and see rather than react before that.”

    Nothing whatsoever to do with US Mid-term elections, m’kay?

    The bottom line for plebs like you and me, according to Service Station Association chief executive Ron Bowden, is that we should all be grateful for petrol over $1/litre … forever more.

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